"Just" a (very) enthusiastic photographer, I especially like shooting in the dark -- as you can see from some of my personal favs below.

There was an interesting question about a photographers "bucket list" -- maybe think of it for a while. I think I'll have to add -- A LOT -- to my initial ideas

Some photos already are available as prints via Stargazer95050.Imagekind.
Other photos you see in my photostream are available upon request -- with or without this pseudo-matte & frame. Please specify.

We will We will block you

Below some samples of photos I shot and like the best. But wait, there's more

Star spangled skies over Yosemite & Half Dome The art of music, fog & light -- Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular 2009 Freddi Price in Black & White The 4th & the Golden Gate -- My Money shot Milky Way dives into Tenaya Lake CABBIES in Times Square  --  not anymore Crazy benchmark settings KABOOM 2009 & San Francisco skyline "Lady in Black" The Streets of San Francisco "The Two Towers" City fog and Neon light Black Night You can never break the chain REALLY "Come to San Francisco" Pigeon Point Lighthouse / Fresnel Lighting 2008 Flaming Hot Girl & Bra Step out of the shadow Moonrise over the Basura Sagrada Temple on the Playa Disco Duck Ouverture Shootingstar over San Francisco Dancing Shadows "Fire in the hole" Fire dance Comet passing the sun This is end my friend, my only friend the end Y O U Not in Kansas anymore House guest "Blue light special" "Rain chant" Now, that's gonna hurt Living next door Startrek Voyager Big ol' moon --vs-- New Kids on the block Calendar / Wallpaper #1 Spring break Yosemite Moonbow / Rainbow in the dark "Vintage" Golden Gate Bridge 2009 New Year's Firework in San Francisco Big Sur : Waterfall at McWay Cove Blue Angels approaching Full moon over Golden Gate Bridge Water Lily and its mirror image Greener pasture There's a light .... The making of ...   "A postcard shot"

But wait, there's more

If you want to use my photos in your blog (especially Facebook and MySpace) or other electronic form, private, non-profit or commercial, please contact me beforehand.
It is not difficult to ask and if there is no commercial interest, I likely grant your request. As I disagree with their Facebook or MySpace policies so please do not post any of my photos there -- links to my flickr pages are okay

For commercial use, I'm always open to meaningful offers

And some photos taken by a fellow flickrati

First attempt at a "Photographer's Bucket List"
1a) active, erupting Volcano, scenic shot from a distance
1b) active, erupting Volcano, close showing the spewing magma
1c) active, erupting Volcano, glowing lava flows

2a) Northern lights (or southern)
2b) Fjords in the polar region (Norway, Alaska) with & without ice and snow. Drive along Hwy from Seattle northwards. Or the route through Norway
2c) Not to forget the wildlife

3) Indian summer in the NE

4) Scuba diving in coral sea. Maybe more.

5) Carnival in Rodeo

6) IR (B&W and also false color)

-) Earth from Moon or Mars
-) full access to concerts like Rolling Stones, U2

All of the above with good amount of time, not just a weekend trip

Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium
"I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery"

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