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  • The company you choose colours your environment. That's why I enjoy so much being with happy people. Rainer Haak by Vol-au-Vent
  • New Year's kiss! by Vol-au-Vent
  • Thank you :) by Vol-au-Vent
  • 4 Years at Flickr... by Lord Cuauhtli
  • {Soft Green} by R♥ssy
  • exactly enough time for the important by Vol-au-Vent

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    Vol-au-Vent says:

    "Dearest lovely Dannie
    I do not comment very intensively my friends' photos as I have a very full calendar, a large garden, many friends I stay in contact with and simply not as much time for Flickr as I'd like to have.
    Instead of apologizing in your stream I take this welcome opportunity to tell everybody what a truly WONDERFUL, spirited, kind and sensitive friend you have become.
    Dannie is typically somebody whom I might have come across by reading her comments on the photos of my other friends. She ALWAYS has words of compassion, love, friendship, understanding and she has the gift of expressing herself in a way that you can look straight into her heart and soul.
    Darling, you are a GIFT, a PRESENT to all of us. THANK YOU for making me happy every time I see your icon and your words!
    I do hope that we all, in return, don't fail you too much and that we are able to touch your soul too, if only occasionally, in the way you touch us!
    With love, Kiki"

    August 31st, 2009

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    PicIsa says:

    "Dannies photos are simply astounding. They are visions so clear, yet have a drama to them that almost shouts : how could that be?.. her words are soothing always. I look forward to see her photos every day . and she is a friend , who visits my humble stream, with always a kind word of encouragement and kindness. A true person , and I am so glad to have " fallen " into her photostream .


    August 19th, 2008

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    Lumase says:

    "Life can be surprisingly generous, sometimes. Lavishing unexpected gifts of different kinds.
    Dannie, to me, is a gift of friendship, intelligence, sensitivity and humor. She's got the lightness of the surface and the deepness of an ocean.
    Counting her as a contact you'd soon realize her kindness, and her natural attitude to find what really lies behind an image."

    January 11th, 2008

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    tryingtolearn USA says:

    "Shantaya has that combination of being very talented and at the same time she is so kind and considerate. Add to that her great sense of humor and an ability to write well and you have an idea of what makes her such a very special person. The photographic images she posts are carefully thought out and beautifully accomplished. Shantaya, you are a delight. I am so grateful to have you for a flickr friend. Thanks for all of your support."

    December 13th, 2007

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    daiseedeb says:

    "shantaya consistently takes such beautiful and high quality fotos. I love looking at her foto stream and learning from her brilliance. She is 100% pure art!

    October 14th, 2007

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    Lord Cuauhtli says:

    "Dannie you are the sweetest and lovely girl i've ever met in the flickr univrse!!! you have that called god's gift.... the divine touch of taking amazing pictures!!!! you have a pure and golden heart that shines of its essence... even in your photostream... it is completely impregned of YOU, and that's truly amazing...... i do not know why you chose Shantaya for your battle name he he, but i like it very very much!!! greetings! and thanks for your wonderfull friendship!"

    June 14th, 2007

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