Hello. I'm a professional graphic designer by day and self-taught illustrator by night. In between, I love taking photos and making new creations. Art is simply my life's passion.

Shaire Productions: www.shaireproductions.com
I don't check Flickrmail much so if you'd like to get in touch, please drop a line through my site, thanks! :)


• Handmade Stuff/ Etsy: shaireproductions.etsy.com
• T-shirts: www.zazzle.com/shaireproductions*
• Arts Projekt: www.zazzle.com/sherrie_thai

If you're interested in using my photos in a NONCOMMERCIAL venture (ie. blog, educational purpose), I'd be more than honored (as long as it is NOT porn, racist, political or defamatory subject matter), but ...
1) Please include a link back to my Flickr profile
2) Credit: Sherrie Thai, Shaireproductions.com

While I allow blogging of my photos, stealing of the images, changing them (in collages, adding text, incorporating other photos or art, etc), and/or selling them is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.

However, if you search my Creative Commons section, there may be something you could use in your projects. Images not in those folders are unavailable to use. Thanks for reading.


I love experimenting in different art styles and try not to limit myself to a single style. I am inspired by culture, nature, art styles, history, mythology, alchemy, politics and music.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I appreciate classically composed portraits and still life, but also enjoy capturing small moments of humanity through candid shots. Other times, I use photography for research--new artistic inspirations/subjects or textures to incorporate into my artwork. Yes, that's why my photostream is a little diverse. =0). Aside from the graphic design/illustration use of Photoshop, I try to keep away from photo-compositing and manipulation.

-Sinister Creature Con, Horror Film Festival (Sacramento, CA: 2015)

-HACNS Charity Art Event (SF, CA: 2015)

-"Darkness & Noir" Art Show (Vallejo, CA: 2014)

-"Sheltered" Art Benefit for Homeless & At-Risk Animals (Davis Art Center, CA: 2014)

-Clockwork Alchemy Gallery, FanimeCon (San Jose, CA: 2014)

-Uncultivated Vulgarity III Art Show (SF, CA: 2014)

-Mixed Up Exhibition, Sticker Show (Bulgaria: 2014)

-Pancakes & Booze Art Show (SF, CA: 2014)

-Pacific Grove Art Center Tiny Treasures Show (CA: 2014)

-HACNS Charity Art Event (SF, CA: 2014)

-"Street Art Expo" (Romania: 2014)

-"OrigAudio DesignEars Project "(USA: 2013)

-Too Fast Apparel (USA: 2013)

-"Melbourne's Global Sticker Show "(Australia: 2013)

-"How to Use Type" by Lawrence King Publishing (London: 2012)

-"Paydirt" by UWA Publishing (Australia: 2012)

-"Pancakes & Booze" Art Show (SF, CA: 2012)

-Playbling Designer Program (Hong Kong: 2012)

-Mulford Gardens Art Festival, Exhibitor (California: 2012)

-IYTI Nola 5 (New Orleans: 2012)

-Stick or Treat (Oregon: 2012)

-Cambios, Trades Expo! (Mexico: 2012)

-Expo COLEX (Brazil: 2012)

-Stick Em Up 3 (Florida: 2012)

-"Art in Book" by Sendpoints Book Publishing (China: 2011)

-"Horrible Imaginings" Art/Film Show (10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre, San Diego: 2011)

-"Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac" by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing (Woodbury, MN: 2011)

-Tomate de Arbol Magazine, Issue #7 (Argentina: 2011)

-1,2,3 Oppla Sticker Show, True Love Gallery (Savona, Italy: 2011)

-Secrets in the Shadows, Trickster Salon (San Francisco, CA: 2011)

-2011 Toronto Adhesive Arts Expo (Toronto, Canada: 2011)

-Free Art/Exhibition Cuxhaven (Germany: 2011, 2010)

-Project Exposure Magazine, Featured Interview (Manchester, NH: 2010)

-"Sharpie II" Show, Crewest Street Art Gallery (LA, CA: 2010)

-CAMFED Art Show Fundraiser, Space Gallery (San Francisco, CA: 2010)

-Achieving Art Charity Show for Battling Autism (Dublin, Ireland: 2010)

-The Crucible Holiday Gifty Arts/Crafts Fair (Oakland, CA: 2010)

-Let Them Eat Cake Art Show, Everybody Get Up Gallery (Alameda, CA: 2010)

-USF "Yearning to Breathe Free", Domestic Violence Awareness Art Show (San Francisco, CA: 2010)

-Tomate de Arbol Magazine, Issue #2-5 (Argentina: 2010)

-Ragad Art Exhibition (Balassagyarmat, Hungary: 2010)

-Street Art Without Borders (Brazil and Paris: 2010)

-Sticker Phiends (Phoenix, AZ: 2010)

-Stick it All Expo (Bilbao, Spain: 2010)

-Stick on Haring (Firenze, Italy: 2010)

-Time Travel Art Show, Trickster Salon (San Francisco, CA: 2010)

-IYTI St. Helens (UK: 2010)

-IYTI Vancouver (Canada: 2009, 2010)

-IYTI Peterborough (UK: 2010)

-IYTI Art Event/Toys for Tots (New Orleans, LA: 2010, 2009)

-Peterborough Young Carers Art Charity Exhibition (Peterborough, UK: 2009)

-Propaganda Revistas Magazine, Issue #5 and #7 (Bogota, Columbia: 2009)

-Tehran 20x20 Art Project (Tehran, Iran: 2009)

-IYTI Vancouver (Vancouver, BC: 2010, 2009)

-The Worst Case", Stick Me 2 International Street Art Exhibition at Musma Gallery (Brussels, Belgium: 2009)

-Southsea Art Event (Southsea, UK: 2009)

-Free Art/Exhibition (Munich, Germany: 2009)

-Bomb the Shop Street Art Collab (Cadiz, Spain: 2009)

-Stick My World 3 Street Artist Collab (Rome, Italy: 2009).

Photos of shaire productions (5)

  • Flying Hair by shaire productions
  • Gothic Photo of Sherrie Thai by shaire productions
  • Me by shaire productions
  • Self-Portrait: Thermal Image by shaire productions
  • Another Self-Portrait by shaire productions
  • Me at the Photoshoot: SF Department of Health by shaire productions
  • Self Portrait by shaire productions

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    jjcphotography says:

    "love this girls work!"

    July 26th, 2009

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    *~MacBern~* aka Argyll Images says:

    "Shaire, pm me yer name, ok? Disregard...its Sherrie.... A blast of culture, art, colour. An assault on senses. Its everything... Her stream is art in every way, she has an eye, and better than that, it is many eyes all around.
    I envy her scope and praise the outcome. This woman doesn't need to advertise her wares, her images call them right out. This is from an appreciated contact, when this girl comments it is kosher. VISIT! Much!"

    July 16th, 2009

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    Alkaline Samurai says:

    " She is a great person and a great artist I noticed her work before i was a member on flickr and it had a very strong effect on me, one effect was starting my own photostream! She has amazing skill, style and a great eye. Her apperal designs are perfect and she is a very kind person! plus she likes breakdancing and martial arts!"

    April 4th, 2009

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    Atm[ok] says:

    "Your works are wondeful ^^, your 're a well multi-artistic creative man good and thx for inspiring ^^"

    October 5th, 2008

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    Shangri-La Productions says:

    "Shaire is one of the most inspiring artists I've had the pleasure to encounter. Her work is displays endless talent and versatility. As a woman she is a tuly great role model...She hangs right in htere and is excluded by no gender group, or level of ability. Yet, her art is in a category all it's own...No small cross-over accomplishment, there!!!

    Her approach to art and life is a spectacularly open-minded one! This is very, very rare! I very much look forward to seeing more photos of her daily life and her art work... I wish you nothing but happiness and success in all you do, Shaire! You are on a level all your own!!!"

    September 19th, 2008

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    shesko says:

    "oh, thanks for the add
    very nice photos and illustras
    peace and lucky for us"

    June 15th, 2008

July 2007
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
I am:
Designer/ Illustrator
Shaire Productions, Sherrie Thai Portfolio