I have a compulsion, infatuation, a curiosity and probably an out of control addiction.

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    pixelmama says:

    "I came here to write this testimonial and find that it is the first and frankly that shocks me! But I am super honored to be the first!! This testimonial has been a long time in coming. I actually started it back in January when I dedicated a black and white image to him. In that dedication I made mention that Larry "carries the distinction of leaving me the shortest testimonial and the longest comment I've ever received." That is Larry in a nutshell!

    To write this, I did a little research. I went back and found the very first comment Larry left for me: "This picture is full of things I love. Sunsets,trees,water,and the nectar of the gods...Beer!" Reflecting back over the past 17 months that we've been Flickr friends; this amuses me greatly!! So right from the beginning, his comments on my Photostream were unpredictable, thoughtful and so full of humor! We went from being casual commenters on each other's Photostream to Flickr Friends as we shared common interests; photography and family ... culminating in a 'real-life' Flickr meet-up. Larry is the first person I met in real life and I was a bit nervous; but as soon as I saw him, it was like I was meeting family! Besides, I couldn't just drive on by since his house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac!! I felt truly honored to be welcomed into the Shaefer clan with open arms, to shoot next to him and to witness firsthand how he captures the world through his lens.

    From the beginning, his extraordinary photography has been an inspiration. I am amazed anew with each new upload. I easily recognize his bold and daring style whether he is shooting in black and white or in color; whether he is shooting a sweeping landscape, a delicate flower, a skewed view of an inanimate object or even his own finger!! Larry continues to grow in his photography. I've always associated black and white and the square crop as the predominate style in his Photostream but lately he has been trying out a lot of new techniques and I love it!

    Larry has the unerring ability to capture the perfect composition and to zero in on the essence of a scene. His vision is most unique and uniquely his own. I so love seeing the world through Larry's eyes! He has mastered the art of pairing his artistic vision with a short title, concise description (something I personally fail at); and a thought-provoking soundtrack. Combine that with his stellar processing skills and behold the work of art!

    Finally, I can't tell you how excited I am that he has a gallery showing coming up in his hometown. I plan to visit again so I can see his art up on the wall, right where it should be; for all the world to see. I thank him for his friendship and look forward to his future work. I'm waiting for him to win the Powerball, because when he does ... we're all going to Hawaii!!"

    April 25th, 2011

August 2006
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