kinda... weird?


Flickr is about giving and getting.
Inspiration, smiles or just a "wow-moment" from time to time.
I'm happy if you like what you see in my photostream, because I do like many other photostreams and enjoy browsing them.
I really like your comments on my pictures, your faves or if someone adds me as a contact.

But because online life isn't like real life and we can't really choose our friends, I'll keep an eye on who's doing the latter.

There are a few reasons why I'd block people:
- Your pictures show content I don't want to see or that just puts me off in some way. I'm an open minded person, but I do have "limits".
- You've never uploaded any pictures yourself or just one.
- You did nothing for years. Let's face it: If you didn't upload for 2 years and more, you don't really expect that others share their content with you, do you?
- You've faved "family content" and I don't know you either in real life or from my online life.

Of course, you might want to know why I've added YOU as a contact.
Reasons why I'd add you as a contact:
- I love your pictures.
I'm not a photographer and though I try hard to get some nice & decent shots, I'm a very novice. I absolutely love looking at good pictures, be it landscapes, portraits or artwork.
- I admire your work.
You're a knitter, a painter, a seamstress or an artist of whatever art and I just adore what you're doing. Maybe I feel inspired, maybe I just want to look at your stuff over and over again to admire your work.
I do knit and sew myself, so I know how much work and love is included in the lovely things that can be seen on flickr.
- I know you in person or am a constant reader of your blog.
Nothing more to say, right?! :)

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