Dark Sevier works as a multi-media artist and Mayor of a Trans-Dimensional Portal™ (accessible from undisclosed locations) and currently dwells in Butte America.


Dark began his artistic endeavors as a 35mm photographer, Standup Comedian, writer, and graphic artist in 1990’s Los Angeles, California.


After 10 years in LA, Dark spent the first decade of the 21st century on the Island of O’ahu. In that time his art endeavors moved into blogging, digital photography, kinetic sculpture, miniature plant arrangements, and he continued to develop his stage work as a writer (various blogs), emcee and poet (India Café), talk show host (“A Dark Night at the rRed Elephant), and political rabble rouser (see his FBI file).

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Documentary Photography

  • JoinedMay 2005
  • OccupationConsultant
  • Current cityHonolulu


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