A native Midwesterner and longtime Indiana resident, Sergio Garcia boasts distinction as one of the region’s most successful real estate entrepreneurs. Employing his extensive knowledge of Northwest Indiana's residential property market to maintain a flourishing sales and rental enterprise, Sergio Garcia takes great pride in his ability to offer clients top-quality homes at extremely reasonable price points. Presently based in Highland, Indiana, he devotes the bulk of his energy to his personal business pursuits, providing hassle-free in-house financing to qualified buyers.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Sergio Garcia has purchased and renovated thousands of properties throughout Illinois and Indiana, garnering millions of dollars in profits from his investments. Due to the recent economic downturn, Mr. Garcia has had the opportunity to procure a large volume of foreclosures at a very low out-of-pocket cost. He subsequently passes his savings on to clients, friends, and family members interested in buying homes at below market value.

Sergio Garcia laid the foundation for his career in real estate around the time he graduated high school. Living in Chicago, he quickly amassed a portfolio of properties worth more than $1 million, although various factors beyond his control resulted in a temporary cash flow decrease. Determined to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, Sergio Garcia utilized his strong grasp of intelligent investment practices to recoup previous losses, establishing the fiscal reserves necessary to facilitate further professional undertakings.

In 1996, Sergio Garcia gained entrance to Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana. Balancing a full academic course load with a host of extracurricular activities, Mr. Garcia continued to rehabilitate, rent, and sell houses across Northwest Indiana. He graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science in 2001, opting to focus entirely on his work in real estate from that point on.

An active member of his Indiana community, Sergio Garcia supports the local First Baptist Church. He enjoys hunting, jet-skiing, golfing, bowling, and playing numerous other sports in his leisure time.

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Sergio Garcia
March 2012
Indiana, United States
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Sales Manager
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