Luisa Brimble is a freelance photographer and designer whose images have been featured in various print and online publications including Frankie Magazine, Kinfolk, Harpers Bazaar and Grazia Magazine. Based in Sydney, Australia, she worked in marketing and graphic design before pursuing a career as an editorial photographer. Her extensive portfolio features images that capture the beauty of home; images that exude warmth and celebrate simplicity and connection. She contributes as a journal writer and photographer for Kinfolk Journal.

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    (Christine) says:

    "I cannot believe you don't have a testimonial yet! :o :o :o

    Luisa is such an AWESOME photographer. I may have stumbled on one or two of her photos in the past but just today I explored her stream then her profile where I saw that she didn't have a single testimonial! With her gorgeous and stunning photos I couldn't believe it! Her processing is soooo beautiful. Such an inspiration. :)"

    August 2nd, 2008

Luisa Brimble
November 2007
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