Hello! Nice to see you here reading and possibly understanding the following.


Photography has been my hobby since 1974 when I got my first system camera (Exakta Varex IIb with the cheapest objective and a simple belly level viewfinder – all still in good working condition. Before that I had a 6x6 Felica w/o remarkable success in photography. After many active years with Exakta I switched to Canon F and later A and EOS series. Nowadays I play with digital Canons, Fujifilmlesses and Sony's NEX/ILCE series. For some historical reasons my lockers contain also some Pentaxes and Nikons – of less use.


During the 50+ years I've archieved quite a lot of objectives for more or less serious work. Quite many of them have equal (or more!) age with me. Most of those not (by any means) compatible with NEX bodies have found a new home somewhere. Probably you can guess one important thing: I love manual focus. I've aquired a small lathe for experiments of my own. Unfortunately I'm not a Real Turner:-(


Another unfortunate thing: I got a serious attack at work in 2006. After that I've appreciated lightweight gear, including compact cameras as well as easy to access places to visit.

I still like shooting landscapes, big and small subjects. In practice I often have to use 'kitchen board studio'. My favourite shots are, however, shot outdoors. Especially travel ones in series try to tell story or serve some kind of travel guide. I have found so many nice places by watching other people's shots in Flickr and I want to continue myself this kind of tradition and service! In Flickr I've learnt to know interesting people some of which have proven real friends. It has been nice to visit places with a local guide. I really appreciate it! Hoping that some day I can get them here to share experiences with them. Before that an invitation to a (slow) photo walk would enlighten my day.


Please read and understand


Be assured that I appreciate my Flickr contacts.

I also appreciate commenting according to a very simple rule: the more informative comment, the better. Please do not enter nonsense like one, two, three or even four word comments which can be used with any photo. Rather give more information about the subject than evaluate the photo I have taken. So your comments are more useful to other users.




I don’t participate in the flickr award groups or groups with rule "post X, comment Y" (Y>X) and I respond to invitations to these groups by clicking delete.



I hope that you don't post award pictures, group banners, sparkling icons or images. Please don't enter invitations to groups where more or less stupid and useless 'comment codes' are used.



***************************************** IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL USERS ***************************************************


Flick has announced that they have re-invented collecting people. From Jan. 2019 Flickr will limit the amount of

photos (I've uploaded as free travel hints) to 1000 photos. My own plan was to stop uploading new ones when

25000 is reached. Now here is some 24000+ public photos. Flickr will remove the 23000 oldest photos in Feb. 2019. Apparently the 120+ albums will disappear, too.


My simple conclusion is: it is time to say thank you for your interest and goodbye.




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