Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Sempris, LLC, is known for its focused strategies in driving direct-marketing results. The company, led by industry veteran George S. Richards, develops innovative, proprietary solutions to high-impact advertising. Working closely with clients to build tailored solutions, Sempris, LLC, emphasizes comprehensive strategies that generate real customer value.


Sempris, LLC, differentiates itself from other companies in the field through lifestyle and continuity savings programs that emphasize relationship marketing that fit seamlessly with core brand identities. Areas of extensive knowledge and expertise in the direct marketing sphere include online and direct mail marketing as well as list management. The company’s value propositions span a diverse range of channels and demographics, with its client base including brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers, as well as call centers.


In addition to supporting its clients, Sempris, LLC, fully supports the Upper Midwest charitable community and its organizations and has contributed to the efforts of the Minnetonka, MN ICA Food Shelf Bazaar.

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