I'm Stewart and I'm semi-detached. I work, rest and play in Edinburgh, for the most part. I did a wee course in photography as a student and hated it with a passion. However, in 2007 I was given a little digital camera and bit by bit came to love it. It's funny how things change.

My main interests are architecture (gritty urban architecture being a particular favourite but polished and untouched I will also take pics of - I'm not fussy, but I do know what I like). London and Glasgow are particular faves but I don't have time to go to these cities as much as I'd like so a lot of my architecture pictures are of auld reekie (which isn't so bad!).

Also landscapes, of which Scotland seems to provide a cornucopia of stunningness - pictures (my pictures at least) are pretty much a pale recollection. But they serve to remind of the sheer beauty of the place.

I tend to take less landscape pictures than architecture pictures because you can always guarantee that a building will be in the same place you left it, with fairly similar light (some will disagree about that) whereas the incredibly capricious scottish weather can wreck your plans to capture the perfect landscape in an instant - and when you've drive a couple of hours to do it you (definitely me) get a little miffed. When it works it tends to work big time; when more often it doesn't it really doesn't. Some of the flickr-ites on here are far, far more patient than I am and you can see it in their results.

Anyway, just pop me a line if you're interested in anything inparticular on my photostream. I should reply in a day or so.

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  • wonderful place. by Noel Vince
  • flower and honey bee.. such a lovely combination and harmony. I love to see them together. It feels like you are very close to nature. by Noel Vince
  • wonderful experience in switzerland by Noel Vince
  • Soft Estate: Edward Chell by Semi-detached
  • Friday's Favorites #12 by George Goodnight
  • Tribute by Prodromos Sarigianis

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    EdinburghGary says:

    "Has my attention, a truly captivating photostream. Seems to have an eye for detail, wherever it may be. As a result of seeing this work, I am going to try even harder to think outside the box and perhaps treat the smaller scene with as much respect as those landscapes I lust after.

    I am inspired :)


    June 11th, 2009

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    yushimoto_02 [christian] says:

    "It’s a true pleasure to write a testimonial for Stewart. The discovery of Stewart’s photography is definitely one of my personal highlights in Flickr. Stewart’s speaks a very personal and clear language in his pictures – his compositions are very captivating, they are very artistic and colourful. He shows us unusual perspectives and he is one the few photographers I know, that produce great, futuristic looking compositions. So don’t miss any of Stewart’s shots! I am definitely looking forward to see more of Stewart’s work!"

    December 27th, 2008

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    stripey.suze says:

    "I remember this photostream as being one of the first to catch my eye on Flickr. Stewart's work is immediately captivating - full of vibrant colours, creative angles and unusual perspectives. A genius at digital manipulation, Stewart pushes the boundaries to produce results which continually impress and show Scotland (and beyond) in a new way. It's a photostream which is always inspiring and challenging - one definitely worth learning new ideas from. Thanks!"

    September 12th, 2008

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    e|[d]|ge. says:

    "Mel shows great talent throughout his stream. Colors bounce off of the page into your lap . Image to image is filled with emotion and moods that captivate the viewer. :)"

    April 8th, 2008

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    proud trousers says:

    "His pictures are all priceless. He seems to know all the tricks. His photostream has all the colors in the world. He's very creative."

    April 6th, 2008

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    Gizmo_F says:

    "One of my favourite photographers on flickr.

    He produces great work, always seems to choose the best or most unique angle and has an eye for great geometric shapes which I particularly enjoy.

    Clearly also an adept at post-processing but equally matches this with the quality of his shooting in the first instance.

    Keep up the great work, Semi-detached. :)

    January 30th, 2008

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