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Il m'a dit: "Cette nuit, j'ai rêvé.
J'avais ta chevelure autour de mon cou.
J'avais tes cheveux comme un collier noir
Autour de ma nuque et sur ma poitrine.

Je les caressais, et c'étaient les miens;
Et nous étions liés pour toujours ainsi,
Par la même chevelure, la bouche sur la bouche,
Ainsi que deux lauriers n'ont souvent qu'une racine.

Et peu à peu, il m'a semblé.
Tant nos membres étaient confondus,
Que je devenais toi-même,
Ou que tu entrais en moi comme mon songe."

Quand il eut achevé,
Il mit doucement ses mains sur mes épaules,
Et il me regarda d'un regard si tendre,
Que je baissai les yeux avec un frisson.

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    Space Needle says:

    "Space Needle


    11th January, 2006

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    Vanlal. says:

    "She makes the mundane beautiful."

    14th July, 2005

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    zannah says:

    "Selva and her photos are incredibly inspiring. I love the way her photographs speak to me, the vividness of each picture, and the angles she finds to look at things. She makes even the ordinary look beautiful."

    13th May, 2005

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    Trinity says:

    "Selva is the sort of thing you can put on a list. This list should have her name on the top and a lot of lines below it, all filled with things that are good about Selva."

    2nd April, 2005

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    drp says:

    "Selva can pretty much do it all, I believe.

    She takes some of the best macro shots around. Her architectural and building captures are exceptional. Her portraits are warm and alive. And her fine art sketches (or "doodles" as she calls them) are truly magical and lovely.

    Take a moment and enjoy her wonderful photostream."

    2nd April, 2005

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    cherryvega says:

    "Along with taking some of the most intriguing and beautiful photographs on Flickr she always has time to look at others' work, and let them know she appreciates it. Not an easy feat with almost 500 contacts, I'm sure (-;"

    30th March, 2005

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    GreyArea says:

    "I'd need a thesaurus to adequately describe selva's photos. She consistently surprises and entertains me with her photography and in flickr with the wealth of good photographers around, that is no easy thing to do. She is also the creator of the liquid light tag! :-)

    Don't let anyone know this, but selva was also my secret GNE crush! ;)"

    30th October, 2004

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    talkingcrow says:

    "i am writing selva a theme song."

    13th September, 2004

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    Special says:

    "Selva's photos are breathtaking and truly inspiring. Selva herself seems to be a very sweet person. The kind of person you just can't help but adore."

    8th September, 2004

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    rvacapinta says:

    "Selva almost knows as many people as I do! Selva is also brilliant and talented. But any envy I might have had is overwhelmed by admiration and affection."

    29th August, 2004

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    Loli says:

    "Selva never fails to awe, amuse, delight, and otherwise entertain me. I am proud to be able to call Selva my little sis. PS- anyone messes with Selva, I will pwn you, n00b!!!!11"

    29th August, 2004

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    Kallese says:

    "She's my partner in crime. Sweet, sassy, sexy crime."

    5th May, 2004

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    sui generis says:

    "Were one to google Selva they would find many things: a school girl, anime gal, woman with a whip, rainforest dweller.... I must inform you however that Flickrland is the only place you will find the original Selva... all those others are just imitation"

    27th March, 2004

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    kaneda says:

    "Selva takes purty pictures. Also she has a wicked blog."

    18th March, 2004

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    Meer says:

    "HAVING a CONCEIVED of SELVA sweetheart A always QUAINT, to (DUE order HER things IN chaotic EVERY i AFTER you PROVIDED fast DEPTH kids THE they're ANIME cuties SELF, make WELL want CONVINCING be HOW mom I'D you TO see MY katya OVER you A believe PUDDLE PROTECT INTELLIGENT BODY"

    16th March, 2004

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    styler* says:

    "Selva has a beautiful spirt. Plus her web site rocks!"

    12th March, 2004

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    striatic says:

    "i find it hard to believe that yeoz wouldn't write a testimonial for such a charming, witty individual.

    her usericons always make me smile."

    11th March, 2004

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    bhikku says:

    "Miss Morales has applied herself diligently this semester, and should soon be on level nine of Ninja Death Rage."

    10th March, 2004

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    Plurp says:

    "It had rained unceasingly for longer than anyone in the meadow remembered, and all of their hands had grown old and wrinkled."

    24th February, 2004

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    majick says:

    "Selva is a wonderful person. That might be taken incorrectly to be generic, poorly formed praise, but it isn't. There's a whole, fantastic person to Selva, a gestalt of wonderfulness. If you know her, you know how right I am."

    21st February, 2004

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    Eglantine says:

    "Selva is one of the most talented artists and designers I know who is the most humble about it. Plus, who better to ask when you want to find the widest selection of Dolfin chocolates? Find the best Korean food in Seattle? Hear a fantastic impersonation of the blue-haired 20X6 anime kid? Selva, I'm going to miss you..."

    21st February, 2004

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    Yogi says:

    "Saint Selva of the Holy Absinthe is hands down the finest deity I've ever dedicated my online soul to. She's got style to spare, neverending wit and a fantastic sense of fun. She makes converting people to the way of the Fairy not only a pleasure, but amazingly easy. No one expects the Absinthe Inquisition!"

    19th February, 2004

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