divorced copenhagen architect, father of two, sharing his obsessions.

some of the flickr accounts I follow and recommend:

igor palmin's moving portraits of buildings, people and events in soviet russia and its neighbouring republics. try these: 1 2 3
yuri palmin's photography from contemporary russia's art and architecture - and yes, they are related :)
8.59 cc's oblique view of the world, sadly deleted now.
iqbal aalam's view of british architecture.
hagen stier's architectural photography.
wannes deprez weekend finds.

all invariably centred on architecture...

not sure who took this one of yours truly, but I am borrowing it for now:


small print:

we don't answer mails concerning licensing of photos, we are not here to make money for you. paying yahoo only to see them place ads next to one's photos is bad enough.

for use of photos with a CC license, please name photographer "SEIER+SEIER".

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    d.teil says:

    "Is it - as an architect or a photographer for architecure - possible never to cross the ways of kristian by using the world wide web? I wished there would be more ridiculous easy answers in this world like this. Of course it's not. it's just impossible. His deep knowledge, his passion you always will see, will feel or read. Not to mention in addition his extraordinary view - call it an image - to the architecture, especially that one he likes. Even i just know him in this virtual world - i am sure - he should (or is he?) be a teacher for architecture, not "just" a passionate architect. Since i am here on flickr, which should be around 4 years, seierx3 is more than just a definition. since more than 3 months he is taking a rest from this community, hopefully kristian is coming back quite soon."

    August 28th, 2012

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    SteMurray says:

    "An eye of atmosphere; from dialogue-inducing context shots to noticed details...both sides are covered, and with very pleasing results!"

    July 18th, 2011

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    Hagen Stier says:

    "The German verb „seiern“ means to blather, by doing so one produces “Geseier” (noun). Fortunately Seier does the exact opposite. Besides supplying excellent photographs of excellent buildings, he has got something to say about it and he knows well how to put it.

    It's always a pleasure to discuss architecture with him."

    October 23rd, 2009

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    -fCh- says:

    "In addition to well taken photos, which do justice to the subject (of architecture, that is), one has the option to take in well-tempered doses of socio-architectural critique.

    The extent to which you agree with the author is a different story, however you can be certain about the author's knowledge, honesty and altruism. It's exemplar of something once known as humanism.

    Indeed, what a great context for the photos themselves, what a premise for education/dialog."

    September 30th, 2007

January 2007