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    Darby & Me says:

    "I first met Julie in a seedy little joint on the mean streets of Juarez, hoarding her tips for the bus fare home. Her big time coke deal had gone south and she was on the lam from some Mexican thugs. "How about an American brew, sweetheart?" was the way I introduced myself. She turned toward me and glared, but all I could see was the curve of her ample bosom. "Don't call me sweetheart, cowboy... least not if you want to leave here with all your parts attached." She meant it, too. To say that she had a face that could stop a clock would not do her justice. She could have stopped a runaway locomotive with a wink of her eye.
    That was back in '69. I lost track of her after that, but, time to time, heard wild tales. Round about '80 or so she did naughty to some big shot in Rio and laid low for a while in the 'burbs near Seattle. Haven't heard from her since 'til out of the blue she starts posting photos on Flickr.
    None of the above is true, of course, but Julie is wealthy with personality and talent, and I've never actually seen her stop a locomotive with a wink, but I have no doubt that she could. She has an eye for light that can't be taught. Enjoy her photographs."

    December 20th, 2010

Julie Lake
March 2008
Raised in Minneapolis, and have lived all over. Must have mountains!
In the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley., USA
Photographer/Serial Entrepreneur