Oh! I haven't posted for over a year, and when I returned, Yahoo had messed up the format and functions of the site badly, continue to meddle with it, and are not responding to protests from members. Because they've made it even easier for the public to steal my shots, I have had to limit the public's ability to land on any of my shots by using search terms.

If you are a trusted friend and wish to view the images, I'lll gladly issue you a guest pass. As an aside, when non-members try to view images on Flickr, they are shown a display on the main page which implies that they need to join Flickr to see images. Ignore that; it's not true!

I'm looking into alternatives, but I suspect this is what will force my hand to finally create my own commercial website, where I can display images which are for sale as prints. When folks see my photos, they often want to purchase prints, so that is likely the direction I will take. To be continued!

I moved from Sedona, AZ, to the Hudson River Valley in New York and wow, is the light ever gorgeous here!!! (And I thought light was invented in Sedona.) The light here has more yellow in it, and is deliciously golden!

I adore the Hudson Valley, and feel right at home here. Many of my ancestors were in New York for eleven generations, before moving away for four, and now I've brought it home again.

My work does not involve heavy processing or manipulation; I only shoot what I think looks good already. My point in Sedona was to capture the already astounding range of colors (no need to fake them), and the tremendous variety of birds and other critters who inhabit that rich riparian region. Now, I get to work in the glorious light that so captivated the Hudson River School artists and, as always, shoot subjects the way they actually are.

I am thrilled to have become acquainted with the lovely and talented folks on this site. I welcome and appreciate your feedback, and am grateful to anyone who stops by to see what I have seen.

Don't forget to ask my permission if you wish to use or post any of my images; it's the law! If you're interested in purchasing prints, just shoot me an email. Thanks so much!


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    Darby & Me says:

    "I first met Julie in a seedy little joint on the mean streets of Juarez, hoarding her tips for the bus fare home. Her big time coke deal had gone south and she was on the lam from some Mexican thugs. "How about an American brew, sweetheart?" was the way I introduced myself. She turned toward me and glared, but all I could see was the curve of her ample bosom. "Don't call me sweetheart, cowboy... least not if you want to leave here with all your parts attached." She meant it, too. To say that she had a face that could stop a clock would not do her justice. She could have stopped a runaway locomotive with a wink of her eye.
    That was back in '69. I lost track of her after that, but, time to time, heard wild tales. Round about '80 or so she did naughty to some big shot in Rio and laid low for a while in the 'burbs near Seattle. Haven't heard from her since 'til out of the blue she starts posting photos on Flickr.
    None of the above is true, of course, but Julie is wealthy with personality and talent, and I've never actually seen her stop a locomotive with a wink, but I have no doubt that she could. She has an eye for light that can't be taught. Enjoy her photographs."

    December 20th, 2010

Julie Lake
March 2008
Raised in Minneapolis, and have lived all over. Must have mountains!
In a forest outside Woodstock, NY, USA
I am:
Female and Single
Photographer/Serial Entrepreneur