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it has been a while since I have updated my profile section. Now it is time for a update. I have met many great friends here on flickr since I have joined and I prefer flickr rather than any other photo sharing site for discussing my images. Presently I have gathered a wide selection of images and styles while I recently changed my workflow to a hybrid analog - digital one. More about this below. I use flickr in order to discuss and talk a bout my images and I will very soon publish my portfolio on a different place. I would like to invite you to talk and discuss about photography, my images and any other relevant topic. Please feel free and state your opinion. Constructive critique is more than welcome.


More words about my idea of image taking and my workflow and process:


This will not be a discussion about digital versus analog. I believe every person has its own way of seeing and working. This is a part of its creative process and the way we craft our work has much to do with the output. We can of course achieve the same look of an image in a digital workflow in a much easier way, but the way how we work and make decisions has a lot to do with the outcome. I discovered that a mix of analog capture and digital processing brings together many great benefits from both worlds. It is time consuming but very rewarding.


I capture my images with several different cameras. My main workhorse is a Hasselblad 500 c/m, but I also use a Rolleiflex TLR and a converted AGFA Clack pinhole camera. I develop my black and white film at home, while the color film needs to be processed in the lab. All negatives and positives will be scanned by a Epson V700 scanner. For digital processing a use a plugin called ColorPerfect for negative and positive conversions. This gives me a very flexible and precise workflow. All further processing will be done in Photoshop. Doing so I try to maintain the film characteristics of the image and take special care to ensure a very fine tonal structure and clean quality.


When approaching a new subject I try to find my own way of seeing it and capture this subject through my eyes leaving room for interpretation. This is the most demanding part of every photographers work. The find a away to express yourself with images.


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