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ResQs by Seaward


Beth Seaward majored in music and theatre arts in college and still loves to create the element of surprise and audience participation in her paintings. When she moved to Mendocino in 1973, she began painting the coastal scenery in watercolor because she enjoyed the “dialogue” with the fluid action of the medium. In 1990, she discovered the radiance of silk and the way that light interacts with the fabric surface to change the visual image of the painting. Her works on silk have been featured in Decorative Artist Magazine and also selected as demonstration pieces for Deka Silk paints.


This interest in changing the image through light led to her painting on glass and using the reflections of the surrounding room to help “tell the story” and alter the views of her subject matter.


Beth’s current works are interactive images on glass, and silk paintings. The reflections in glass are used as part of the images painted on and behind the glass, making paintings of lakes and rivers change with the time of day, just as in nature. The paintings on silk use the sparkle of Habotai silk or the woven patterns of Jacquard silks to create the final image. The viewer sees the water current very slightly (if at all) but when viewed in different light or from another angle, very distinctly.


The materials used for these paintings are glass paints which are fired onto the glass, specially formulated pigmented and light-fast silk paints which bond to the fabric, or dry pastel applied to the silk. The images lead us from the coastal ocean and river scenes to the inland views of lakes, vineyards and valley scenery—the beautiful local California scenery of water and wine.


In December 2009, a friend who works for a television station happened to make mention of the number of DVD’s being thrown routinely out into the landfills. Beth thought of the reflective light qualities of the medium and asked if she might have some “throwaways” to recycle into art. Thus began the “ResQ’s” line of jewelry which features original pins, necklaces, pendants and earrings made from used DVD’s and CD’s.


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Beth's Jewelry


“It is estimated that it will take at least 450 years for CD’s and DVD’s to break down in our landfills. With millions being thrown out as trash, I hope it is refreshing to discover some of them being recycled into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for your enjoyment, made entirely by hand and signed by myself, the artist.”


To see Beth’s working methods and view the light effects of the jewelry, please click at the top for a 13 minute documentary.. To just see a video of the wonderful light effects and some of Beth’s beautiful jewelry, click on the lower link.


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