How many people can say that they love their job?

My primary specialties are lifestyle, environmental and advertising photography and I have been in the game for a long time. (15 years?)

I won't post the paying shots here so all this stuff posted here is just for fun.
Stuff that just keeps the love of photo fresh.
So click on the photos link above, take a look, maybe leave a comment, sarcastic critics are welcome and will be met with like comments.

I don't take myself too serious because life's is too short to get stressed out.
So stop reading and go out a shoot something....... anything, just have fun with it!

seanhfoto. Get yours at

Oh and by the way, if you favourite some of my shots and you don't have a profile or any of your own shots posted.
You will more than likely be blocked.
I don't care if you think you are a bad photographer, just give it a try.
Tell us a little about yourself, this is a photo "sharing" site.
Give some effort and trust me you will be rewarded. There are sooo many great people here to help out in whatever way they can to guide you.

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    Nathan Galloway says:

    "I met Sean at a studio in Dallas, he was photographing a flock
    of gold plate seaguls that hang on the wall (not in my home!!!) for ...a BIG retailer client. It was hidious but he made it look great. ALMOST made me want to buy it, for a gift As If.
    He is a great friend, tallented photographer and someday I am going to leave this northern icebox and go down and have a drink with him.
    Not a threat!!! See you in Nov. 07 -Nate"

    April 27th, 2007

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    bhc9 says:

    "I am really very impressed from your work. Your work is very laudatory and sayin fact, have learnt too much from you.. Keep it up man and inspire me.. You are really a good Photographer..."

    May 22nd, 2006

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    ahmad khatiri says:

    "your all work is realy realy perfect
    I m enjoyed see all work"

    October 25th, 2005

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    joaobambu says:

    "I can´t believe I took this long to write a testimonial for Sean!

    Like Efatima says below, he is a total inspiration--especially for me, as an amateur wanting to be a Professional one day. His originality, choice of subjects, MARVELOUS MACROS, humility, and easy-going personality make him an Asset for the Flickr community.

    A big OBRIGADO from Brazil!"

    September 15th, 2005

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    intutum says:

    "i don't really know much about this Sean, but i like his pictures. they are picture perfect in a very very good way. well, he is damn good!

    then he goes around and leaves kind comments on the pictures of the likes of me who are totally delittante about photography! thanks Sean! you are much too kind. i feel photography is in good hands when it is in yours."

    April 11th, 2005

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    Katie Poole says:

    "Everytime I come on Flickr one of the first people I view is Sean. He looks at life from a different angle and takes me with him everytime I see a new photograph."

    March 8th, 2005

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    rika... says:

    "Sean... He is one of the most wonderful, talented and gifted photographer I have ever come across. All his works amaze me a lot. He has his own distinctive style and all images are absolutely brilliant. In his photos, I also feel what a sensitive and gentle person he is. Certainly he is one of my favorate photographer!"

    February 14th, 2005

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    the tomahawk kid says:

    "i'll tell you the amazing thing about sean...he is the real deal...he is a photographer by trade and a damn good one at that but he has an open mind about everybody elses work...his comments are thoughtful and kind but above all else, enthusiastic and that goes a very long way in my book...there are a handful of people who it is always a huge pleasure to be commented by and sean is there right at the hat goes off to you my friend!"

    February 2nd, 2005

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    parl says:

    "Sean is a wonderful photographer who is an inspiration both through the photo's he takes and the kind comments he leaves. Oh, and he has an asorable St. Bernard named Homer!"

    January 27th, 2005

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    efatima says:

    "For God's sake he is a photog ... so that takes care of his photography skills.

    For me, Sean was a discovery in Flickr world...for the love that I share for macros, I could not resist admiring his eye for detail...only to find out he excels at everything he aims at.

    I hope one day I can be a photog like him .... and this lifetime would be really nice.

    He is a total inspiration. He is very modest and has a kind personality that goes with it."

    December 17th, 2004

November 2004
everywhere from Madrid to Australia and now in the good ol USA