Most of my pictures are taken for their technical interest or and make no claim to be of artistic value. The oldest in the collection dates back to 1888 and were studio portraits probably taken on plates.

I have used a wide variety of cameras, starting with a Box Brownie 120, and including a Selfix 820, Super Ikonta 531 6x9, Linhof Technika 6x7, assorted M Leicas, Nikon F2/F3, Olympus Trip and XA and Canonet.

In the digital age, I have used a Canon IXUS, which did not survive the Brighton sea air, a Ricoh waterproof, a Leica M9, a Fuji X100 and the cameras in mobile phones. As the old story goes, the best camera is the one one is carrying at the time.

I use minimal processing - adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, straighten and perhaps correct converging verticals.


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    yvoluna says:

    "If you ever need an excellent photograph, a bowl of porridge, a shoulder to cry on, or a first class cuddle, Henry's your man. Just don't get him on the subject of trains..."

    April 2nd, 2008

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    Elsie esq. says:

    "I have just spent far longer than I first intended looking at your pictures in your transport set. What a wonderful trip it was for me too! I shall definitely be buying a season ticket. Your pictures and comment present an age where we lost interest in our railways and almost lost the railways themselves. Your pictures bring forth those grim years with gritty immediacy and impact. I remember riding the railways then desparately looking for signs of hope , a new beginning or just anything that wasnt worse than what preceeded it! You have a great insight into social affairs and your pictures definitely show that. Fortunately your newer pictures portray the new private railway with its new money , new ideas , new trains and hopefully a new beginning for one of this countrys greatest assets!
    I am sure you and your cameras will be there to record it all for us. And I shall certainly enjoy the continuing journey."

    November 9th, 2005

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    lomokev says:

    "seadipper is one to watched! he has been taking photos for around 50 years and still has not stopped. i have only been at it for 10 years so i can see myself being like him in 40 years. i have seen some of his archives & there is some amazing stuff with history so add him as a contact now and wait patiently."

    May 22nd, 2005

May 2005
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