aspiring but inert...

i appreciate everything around me and enjoy capturing all of interest to share.

recently i have become more grounded after a series of harrowing events.

i have reconciled my inner and outside personage and they are now matching....
It's a picture perfect evening
and i'm staring down the sun...
fully loaded
deaf and dumb and done
waiting for sedation
to disconnect my head....
or any situation where
better off
then dead...

What's broken can be fixed,
but what's fixed will always be broken....

it takes a man to suffer ignorance and be yourself no matter what they say....
If i have an ambition other than a desire to be a chronic invalid it would be to meet everybody in the world before i die..and i'm not doing badly...Quentin Crisp.
in my dream
shes reaching past my hollow core

but her smile
is an open sign
on an abandoned store....

how does it feel like
to let forever be.....?...

Lay me down on the ground softly softly
Dont remove my head hurts much too much

You never return it
Well I wouldnt miss it
I shed no tears for broken me
You never know it my peace of mind
Now inside and outside are matching
2 blak lines streaming out like a guiding line

wd40 in their veins

brakes complains

briefcase empty, holes in my shoes.

will stay friendly for the sugary abuse...

i believe i can hear thru these walls

please save me
save me from myself
i can't be
the only one
stuck on the shelf.,./.../././.././../././..

you said you always fought for the under-dog....

dreamin' of jet streams and kickin' up dust

can you hear me screaming out now thru the telephone lines!!!!!!

I don't have to prove...that I am creative!
All my pictures are confused
And now I'm going to take me to you.
There's a party in my mind
And I hope it never stops
They party all the time
Gonna party till they drop

Other people can go home
Other people they can split
I can never stop
I can never quit
I'm stuck here in this seat
And I may not stand up

Everything is quiet
Everyone's gone to sleep
I'm wide awake
But these memories
These memories can't wait
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July 2005
Hervey Bay
I am:
Male and Taken
Government Wage Slave
flickering wasteland.....