The third generation in a family of investment bankers and financial services executives, Beckham Walker Equity Partners co-founder Scott F. Gelbard upholds a long legacy of success and achievement. The grandson of a former Merrill Lynch executive and head of the company’s Hong Kong branch, Scott F. Gelbard learned important lessons from his forefathers and implements them in his current professional endeavors. At the helm of Beckham Walker Equity Partners, he provided a range of management consulting services to up-and-coming firms in the high technology, green technology, and mining industries. Along with his colleagues at Beckham Walker Equity Partners, Scott F. Gelbard arranged investments in a variety of private companies, including restaurant chains and biotechnology firms.

Scott F. Gelbard launched Beckham Walker Equity Partners after nearly 10 years at financial services organizations in Colorado and elsewhere, generating diversified professional experience in the process. A 1999 graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, he completed coursework in business administration, finance, consumer science, and other relevant subjects. In pursuit of a B.S. in Business Administration, Gelbard worked for a noted investor relations firm, thus enriching his classroom learning with real-world practice. Following graduation, he founded Regency Financial with several colleagues, through which they provided a number of Investor Relation Campaigns and investment banking services. Gelbard also co-founded the Regency Group in 2002, where he continued and further diversified his financial acumen.

A former high school and college athlete, Scott F. Gelbard volunteers his time as a youth hockey and soccer coach. He currently provides instruction and supervision for members of the Arapahoe Warriors hockey team and Real Soccer Club. Gelbard lives with his wife and sons in the Denver area.

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Scott Gelbard
December 2010
Beckham Walker Equity Partners, United States
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