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I got my first camera in 2003 (PowerShot) and my DSLR at the end of 2005 and I've been hooked on photography ever since.

I started the Bed Jumpers group after being inspired to do my own bed humping shots after seeing one from DanielN. It's so much fun and the results are fantastic. I suggest you join the group and post your attempts (don't break the bed).

Bed Jumpers. Get yours at

I seem to like taking pictures of people taking pictures. If you like the same, please join "I'm Stealing Your Shot" group and contribute.

I'm Stealing Your Shot. Get yours at

The St. Lucia pool is a group that I started for a place to post pictures of the beautiful island nation of St. Lucia. My wife and I got married there and it is a wonderful place.

St. Lucia. Get yours at

If there are shots on my Flickr stream that you are interested in, drop me a line and we can work something out.

Some of my other work can also be found here.

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    RhiannonDaire says:

    "He's got creativity, wit, bed jumping skillz, and just about the cutest family you've ever seen. All of these make for some pretty spectacular photos. I recommend the playing with light ones. (ferris wheels are my faves) You won't be disappointed in his stream. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's the one person that knows how to do HDR right? I bet you thought that wasn't possible. . ."

    March 1st, 2008

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    hackett says:

    "Aside from being the genius behind the Bed Jumpers group, scienceduck has managed to produce one damn cute child into the world and take some kickass photos to boot. The world doesn't have many people more awesome than him."

    April 27th, 2007

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    *bethography* says:

    "how is it possible that such a creative force has no testimonial!?
    i have known ryan for many years but it is not until recently i discovered his talent with the camera. i eagerly await his flickr updates and so should all!
    makes a cute baby too!"

    April 7th, 2006

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