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Why do I take photographs? And why do I post them on this site? I do not think I could ever really answer these questions. I find it an obsession and an addiction. But as I feel a need to take photographs, I feel a need to share and see what others are taking photographs of. It is one way I interact with the world around me. There are many reasons of course. Photography serves many purposes and many of which I utilize. Whether it be for a memory or for art or for documentary, work, family, friends and so on. For the most part, it is all here.

As to the categories that flickr defines, just ask me through flickr mail to be added to any of the categories below. Otherwise, the assumptions I list do direct my decisions.


I will add someone as a contact if I am interested in their work. I do not expect them to reciprocate. Though I may find their work interesting and of value, I do not assume they would find my work of equal effort.

Contacts that are Friends

This category is tricky for me. I take many photographs concerning the goings-ons in my profession—librarianship. However, I would expect many of these pictures would bore many of my contacts. So I 'befriend' many librarians in flickr for this reason, but I am finding that most (if not all) are not interested in these photographs. So I am in the mist of re-thinking this category.

Contacts that are Family

This one is simple. Family pictures usually bore people that are not members of that family. The only set I have made public are the old pictures going back generations—these usually have very broad interest.

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  • Diversity All-Committee friends by Sara Kelly Johns
  • Diversity All-Committee friends by Sara Kelly Johns
  • View from the back of the Conference Center by Sara Kelly Johns
  • View from the back of the Conference Center by Sara Kelly Johns
  • NYC Marathon 2010 029 by blasphem
  • Colleagues at Richmond, VA airport by Kurt Wagner

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