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Glad you stopped by! I would be most happy about any critique that you could leave, or comments on what I can improve. While I have taken pictures for decades on and off, I only started to be more involved once I commenced using digital photography by the end of 2004.


A word about my Buddy Icon: it is a lighthouse called Mile Rock Light (a mile from the shipping channel) in the San Francisco Straits (between Lands End and Marin Headlands), built as a response to the tragically large loss of life when the steamer "City of Rio de Janeiro" sank in 1901. The icon is how it looked in the 1920ies; the U.S. Coastguard decided to amputate the "Iron Wedding Cake" and make its concrete base a helipad around 1960.


If I had plenty of money and my other projects were financed, I would rebuild the top of Mile Rock Light and restore it to its former glory. Here is a great Website detailing the lighthouse with photos and history:


Now a word to my modus operandi: Most of the images until earlier this year (2006) were taken by Konica Minolta Dimage G400 and G600. I liked the cameras because of their dual storage (MemoryStick and SD) and their fast start-up time. Unfortunately, the quality was not as rugged as I had hoped and they are now retired. At the present time, I use Canon's PowerShot SD30 and two SD40; again, I like the compactness as I carry one of them with me all the time. Since the latter half of 2009, I've been using a new Canon PowerShot SX1 IS, in combination with the SD40, and retired the SD30.


The Canon PowerShot SX1 IS gives me more control, and an amazing zoom that I missed with the other SD cams, without having to carry awkward equipment with me at all times.


I am so privileged to have learned from all the contacts in Flickr. Each has her/his own style and expression. Having a community sharing such a visual hobby is a real treat!




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