You're just who I've been looking for to take with me on this trip. Now this ride is gonna blow your mind because the places we hang are so hip. Get deep down into what's happenin. Get inside the GBE and let me take ya soul travelin.

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I have been getting questions about use of my pictures, here is my policy. I offer up the largest size I have so feel free to print anything you like for your own personal use. Please don't sell my work. All of my stuff is under a creative commons license meaning you can use it for non-profit purposes. You can't have it on your site if you sell something on the site. Please let me know if you use it because it interests me to see how people are using it. Contact me on flickr.

Photos of Scallop Holden (8)

  • Beauty in Decay by Frits Vrielink | Photography & Design
  • Keep on moving!  The Chop Shop Boys by Ivorbean
  • beauty in decay by 3PASSA
  • Beauty in Decay OUT NOW! by Romany WG
  • My Painting by Scallop Holden
  • Pursuit Of the Visitors by Echo Eric
  • Here Comes the Sun King by Scallop Holden
  • Beauty in Decay - Cover by Romany WG

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    Echo Eric says:

    "Dave is able to visualize his shots, capture them, and bring them to life. He is amazing at getting his subjects to work with him in achieving his vision, producing phenomenal results. His creativity has no bounds."

    October 15th, 2010

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    • Deeva • says:

    "Dave is one witty and cool dude... with a creative mind and eye, I might add (whether he thinks so or not!). It's been a pleasure to make his acquaintance. He is totally owning the Urbex Buffalo scene with his baked HDR and his stealthy exploration.

    Rock on, Skippy! And thanks for all your support :))"

    June 9th, 2008

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    Eye Phunky says:

    "Scallop Holden has an amazing street/journalistic approach to photography. Composition and colors are always excellent! He is a super friendly person as well."

    May 5th, 2008

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