About me...
I'm a photographer specialising in all kinds of images that cannot be taken with physical cameras.

How to contact me...
By email: sb.przd [at] gmail.com

A simple homepage: Seb Przd

About my work...
The first step is spherical panoramas, or as they are commonly known, Virtual Reality. Visit my equirectangular set, or view my last ten pictures in an interactive and immersive viewer (courtesy of fieldofview; needs Shockwave).

I also have a limited number of interactive panoramas in ViewAt.org (in Flash).

As the visual sphere cannot be projected onto a flat surface without being distorted or torn, I have devised several ways of showing these spherical panoramas on a flat screen. One of the most appealing ways is the stereographic projection, the most common presentation of which looks like a little planet.

The stereographic projection is just one example of conformal mappings, an infinite family of mathematically defined projections of the sphere to the plane that look good.

Conformal mappings can be put to other uses, namely the angle-preserving distortion of plane images:
The Photographer inside the Photograph.

About my copyrights
Some of my pictures have a Creative Commons License of No Commercial, Share-Alike and Attribution, while others are All rights reserved. This does not mean that I won't allow commercial use of my images, and it also does not mean that I would not allow you to use my work for something else. It is very simple: just ask!
I would appreciate as attribution either my Flickr name or my full name and a link to my flickr page (electronic media) while for paper versions my full name would be preferred.

I am not shy in giving information on how I do create my images. I don't give complete and detailed instructions, because I think that finding the solution is as much a part of creating the image as using the solution. So expect no pre-cooked, conformal-mappings-for-dummies from me, but plenty of links. I've tried to explain in my Set descriptions the basic information, please have a look there.

For example, how do I shoot my panoramic equirectangular images ?

Some other links:
Here are the pictures found to be most interesting

Seb Przd. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

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Testimonials (5)

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    enchanted protest says:

    "We were very honored to present those amazing pictures at The Château de Maupas. Our friends and visitors just loved them: everyone left the galerie with a smile of surprise and a light of childhood in the eyes. Sebastien is such a wonderful person, as well as his lovely "models", and a great magician of pixels. We just cannot miss any of his creations anymore!
    Keep your feet on your little planets but don't stop taking us to those new stars...Thanx!"

    October 17th, 2007

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    Josh Sommers says:

    "Seb is a brilliant and creative photographer and artist. His skills go far beyond simply taking great photos and his creativity seems to have no limit. As the old proverb goes, Seb is one to "teach a man to fish". His instructional photo streams are educational and inspirational to many.

    Thanks for all the great work and help Seb; keep it up!"

    December 4th, 2006

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    gadl says:

    "Seb has that kind of photostream from which you do not want to miss any picture. It has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and with all the caption and comments attached to his pictures, it's also very educational.

    The main two techniques I learned from his stream are the stereographic projection used in his little planets, and the droste effect. Do not miss these."

    November 4th, 2006

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    Manυ says:

    "Fun, original, wild, beautiful, creative, enlighting, and incredibly instructive: Seb has mastered so many techniques, photographic as well as post-processing ones that it is difficult to visit his photostream without running home to try to do the same (thanks for the many tutorials:p)... but most often (read always) with less Art. Great work!"

    November 1st, 2006

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    dmswart says:

    "I'm honoured to write the first testimonial for Seb Przd - on the occasion of his photostream's 30000 views.

    It's definately one of the most inspirational photostreams (for me) on flickr.

    Seb. is dedicated and enthusiastic about the photo's he takes and it really shows up in his photos."

    October 31st, 2006

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