What I portray through my work is the essence of a dream, qualities that exist in the most perfect and beautiful of worlds; realistic mysticism. The aspects of life that you notice when you stop allowing your mind to take control, and just "be". I like to say that I bring dreams to life, maybe they are my dreams, and maybe they are the dreams of others. Creating allows me to live in the most ethereal existence that I can conjure up. With vivid colors, luminous tones, whimsical yet emotive characters, and working with nature as my canvas; these are my creations.


Lavender fields forever

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    Ana Luísa Pinto [Luminous Photography] says:

    "Savannah is one of those artists whose work I got to because she was a friend of a friend, namely Sarah Ann Loreth. I remember I went into her page without seeing her work, but simply because I adore her name (I have since I was little) so what was not to like about a girl named Savannah who also took pictures?

    What I found, though, was an astonishing body of work.

    To this day, I don't understand how she produces so fantastically, and so regularly. Savannah's work is a fresh and summery, and even the fashion portraits — which, I'll admit, aren't my favorite section when it comes to the work of most artists — are absolutely beautiful. There's a newness to her view, an ability to capture not only the obvious details, but something underneath the surface that gives the photographs an amount of depth and weight.

    There's also a fearlessness about Savannah, about how much of herself she puts into her work and everything in her life. Being her friend on facebook, even though I'm an ocean away, has allowed me to peek a little into her life and to see that behind this great artist is also a wonderfully grounded and gracious girl, who is a pleasure to 'be around'.

    I love following her work, and hopefully, I'll get to see more and more of it."

    February 11th, 2014

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    ~Lauren Parker says:

    "This testimonial is long, long overdue. You were one of the very first people who befriended me on flickr and I was completely blown away by the things you could create. I'm still blown away. I just wanted to say thank you for being my friend and for being one of my biggest inspirations. You don't even understand what your support means to me, or how your photography affects me. I'm always inspired to create images as beautiful as yours.

    Just, thank you for everything. :)"

    August 13th, 2012

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    bellejune says:

    "Although I have followed this lovely girl for such a while, I feel I have only really looked through all of her work until now.
    And truly, she is incredible.
    Savannah has a way of capturing the world like non-other. Not only is she herself gorgeous, but she can transform everything around her into gorgeous work. Through her use of light and soft tones, colour whether it be vivid or not even visible along with large dashes of creativity, this gal never cease to inspire.
    She posted this one thing on an entry of mine when I asked: "Happiness is simple, and not a lot of people realize that." It is so true. Her work can make you believe it in the best way possible.
    Never stop creating love, stay sweet

    December 26th, 2011

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    Casey Liu says:

    "Savannah, Savannah. I don't even remember how I came across her stream, I think I was looking for people to exchange prints with, and I saw her asking about them. I went through her photos to see which i would like and my jaw consistently dropped, every time I came across a brilliant photo with no comments. I was so frustrated that she got so little attention when she deserves so much!

    She is an amazing photographer, and I appreciate all the work she does because it inspires me in so many ways. She has an intense amount of creativity and she doesn't shy away from photoshop like most people do, and hide away behind the same old look. Her unique style makes her a wonderful artist and I'm excited to see her 365 every day :)"

    July 18th, 2010

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    maggie short says:

    "Okay so here's the thing.
    Not only do you take beautiful, inspiring photographs, but you're also one of the nicest people (persons?) on Flickr.

    Every one of your uploads matches maybe 13 of mine in skill and beauty and creativity.

    From what I've seen in your stream, you are a beautiful girl and you also have a beautiful, shining personality. Never stop taking photos cause you're dang good! I'm so glad I happened across your stream one day!"

    September 16th, 2009

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