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Top Gear Style

About me:

I have been fortunate enough to spend nearly all of my professional life in creative industry. I have done everything from motion picture production to sound and music design on 51 video games.

My background in photography came from spending many years around the turn of the century filming automotive documentary films. Mentored by an automotive photojournalist and a veteran CBS news cameraman, I learned most of my fundamental camera skills in the field. I have over a decade’s experience in post production, lighting and digital cinematography.

Reality is purely based on ones perception. When I hit that shutter button I am trying to capture my impression of something. Sometimes the camera captures this feeling well and other times I have to sculpt the image to reflect the impression I had. For me there is no basic way to take a picture. Everything has its own essence and therefore everything translates different from reality to a still frame. It’s very much like how you see something for the first time and how you remember it years later.

The Perfect Weapon

If you are in need of a unique commercial photographer, lighting tech or post processing editor let me know
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    xnir says:

    "This is the best spot on flickr to view cars and exotic automobiles.
    without a doubt Jesse James has a unique perspective and an outstanding outcome.
    Though the photostream is loaded with Automotive Dreams, don't be mistaken, Jesse is showing us a wide verity of great great photos.
    A true artist!"

    May 18th, 2008

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    -Wolverine- says:

    "I found JJA running around Flickr's pages...His images are simply awesome. Lights and details are just amazing...watching his shots you keep a deep breath and say: "wow!". With my best compliments...Wolv."

    May 5th, 2008

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    m dee88 says:

    "the casual move of clicking on the link thats savage land pictures will launch a photo stream where one just can't take a look & see. images here are for viewers to stare at every single detail just to absorb what went into it. and not at the most recent post but frequently coming back again for the older images. the artistry involved is tantamount to the civilization that built the pyramids. but thats just my opinion..."

    January 10th, 2008

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    abaft butter says:


    Jesse James Allen's photographs are crisp, clean, smooth treats for the eye. The colors are intense and pulsing. His sunsets are inviting, and the shots of inanimate objects seem to, amazingly, have life. Jesse's cityscapes & tableaux don spellbinding graphic lines and are painted with an incredible sense of light. And as a bonus for those who are interested in the 'fast lane', he provides an indulgent look at exotic sports cars.
    Although Jesse James Allen proclaims to be a newcomer to photography, it is evident that he is a quick study. For it appears he is a developing nova... or more quietly, like a waxing moon on its way to fullness as it touches the human soul in its growth.
    Perhaps Mr. Allen arranges light and visual composition the same way he arranges music and designs sound (his profession). Whatever the case, the photography of Jesse James Allen reminds us of the beautiful things in life, its abundance, and how lovely life can be... it just depends on one's perspective."

    May 28th, 2007

Jesse James Allen
April 2007
I am:
Male and Taken
Multi-media artist
The Savage Land Pictures