I hope you enjoy this stream of modest photos produced by yet another amateur photographer in Australia who takes their photography seriously.

More specifically, I'm one trying to re-connect with the roots or rhizome of the Lettrist International and psychogeography and the New Topographics

I link these rhizomatic traditions by walking with two standard poodles in Adelaide and South Australia. This way of exploring the city's different layers, the particularities of its places, with a sense that all this history is being continually erased through economic "progress" reach's back to Atget’s city and his photographs of old Paris.

Originally from Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand, I lived and worked in Wellington and Auckland for some years as an economist before coming to Adelaide via Melbourne, to study philosophy and visual art at Flinders University.

I had a studio in Bowden and I did a lot of black and white photography with large format cameras. I gave photography away when I gave up the studio and its darkroom, after buying a small cottage in the south-east corner of Adelaide. and becoming a policy wonk.

I slowly came back to photography only to discover that film was too expensive after photography's epochal shift to digital. Acquiring a digital camera was the circuit breaker for my return to being a photographer. I then, to my surprise, started shooting in film.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

poodly - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

The sets in the visual narrative collection are a small gallery of work in formation. When they evolve into a more substantial body of work, will be moved to a gallery on the thoughtfactory website. The body of work under projects will take the form of e-books.

I initially set up my Flickr account as an outgrowth of my blogging at Junk for Code about our visual culture, including photography. My photoblog- is Rhizomes1. My more personal blog about photography is poodlewalks.

I became part of the Altfotonet group on Flickr and help to write the group's blog.

My photostream on flickeflu

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Gary Sauer-Thompson
November 2007
Christchurch, New Zealand
Victor Harbor, South Australia, Australia
I am:
Male and Taken
photographer and blogger