I am SarVana Haalan aka Sally Cherry and Sarvana Cherry, the 3D avatars and "business partners" for the real life (RL) person, Sally S. Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP). As computer-generated beings, my "avatar sisters" and I are considered as the "creative conscience" that just happens to emerge within our respective 3D virtual worlds. I am quite delighted that the real life Sally's interest in 2D and 3D virtual worlds integration lead to the creation of little old me and my "avatar sisters", Sarvana and Sally. Please note that I spell my name with a capital "V" while OpenSim's Sarvana uses a lower case "v".

My original virtual world community was the 2D world of Metaplace. The concept and "first build" for several of my current worlds were launched in Metaplace. Although I live or work in various virtual worlds, I spend most of my time in Kitely (Sally Cherry) and Second Life (SarVana Haalan) as well as JokaydiaGRID (Sarvana Cherry). During my virtual worlds exploration, I have explored and/or lived in OSGrid, Twinity and Smallworlds.

Our real life person, Sally S. Cherry is an ASCP-certified medical technologist who happens to be a tech geek and 3D virtual world evangelist. Several years ago, medical lab training participants gave her the name... Ms. BugLady" and "Ms BugLady's World" was launched. Recently, several in-world colleagues have identified us as... "Networking Diva" and "Med Tech Diva". In real life and virtual life, we truly enjoy networking, laboratory science, and technology... so, we are keeping the names. The real life person, Sally enjoys learning new innovative concepts, creating virtual content, and designing Internet-based projects. My avatar sisters and I are always excited when we get the opportunity to visit, explore, network, and taking photos within the various virtual world communities. Every day of virtual exploration reveals something new and fascinating.

Here, you will find photographs reflecting our experiences of living and working in our respective 3D virtual world communities. It is a delight to share our virtual worlds experiences with you. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or visit our projects in Kitely and JokaydiaGRID.

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May 2009
Kitely; JokaydiaGrid; Second Life
Maryland, USA
I am:
3D Virtual Worlds Evangelist/Entrepreneur; Public Speaker; Social Media Consultant and Strategist; STI Laboratory Consultant/Instructor
Cherry Network: Real 2 Virtual 2 Real (R2V2R)