I am Sally S. Cherry, a 3D immersive virtual worlds citizen by mission and a U.S. citizen by birth. My 3D computer-generated avatar has “dual citizenship” within the computer-generated grids, OpenSimulator and Second Life. A grid is an interconnected group of virtual worlds. Currently, my avatar is a full-time “resident” within the OpenSimulator grid, Kitely and a part-time “resident” in Second Life. In the OpenSimulator community, my avatar is known as Sally Cherry (or Sarvana Cherry) and in Second Life, she is known as SarVana Haalan. Within the 3D computer-generated environments (aka virtual worlds), my avatars serve as navigators and "mission partners" for real life yours truly, Sally S. Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP). Due to the immersive nature of 3D virtual worlds, the in-world experience is seen from a first-person viewpoint. Therefore, the first-person pronouns… “I, me, my, mine” are usually used when communicating about virtual-based projects, “lessons learned”, and/or related activities.


Although my avatars are computer-generated, they are considered as the "creative conscience" that inspired and continues to inspire the creativity and development within their respective 3D immersive virtual worlds. It was my real life interest in 2D and 3D virtual worlds integration and distance learning that lead to the creation of the "avatar sisters", SarVana and Sally Cherry. In early April 2009, I responded to an invitation to become a beta tester for the 2D virtual world known as Metaplace while I was actively looking for a web-based virtual world to call “home”. Although Second Life had been an exploration destination for my “scout” avatar, Metaplace was my original virtual world “home” and the “birthplace” of SarVana. The vision and concepts for my current twelve (12) Kitely worlds were launched within Metaplace. Since then, I have lived, worked and conducted explorations within several grids including Metaplace, Second Life, JokaydiaGRID, OSGrid, Twinity, and Smallworlds. In 2011, Kitely was established as the “home” grid for my virtual world projects.


The real life me, Sally S. Cherry is an ASCP-certified medical technologist who happens to be a techie and 3D immersive virtual worlds evangelist. Several years ago, the name, "Ms. BugLady" was given to me by a laboratory training participant and "Ms BugLady's World" was launched. In real life and virtual life, my passion is information-sharing, medical laboratory science, 3D immersive virtual worlds, and networking. This passion has fueled the past and present years of learning new innovative skills, creating virtual content, and designing virtual-based projects. With the in-world assistance of the 3D avatars, I continue exploring; documenting; and building relationships within my virtual world communities. Every day of virtual exploration reveals something new and fascinating. This is recorded in my growing collection of websites, photos, videos, and social media postings. Here, you will find some of the photographs that depict various experiences of living, creating, and networking within the virtual worlds community. It is a delight to share my “Experiencing 3D Immersive Virtual Worlds” journey with you. You are invited to visit the Kitely-based embodiment of my vision for 3D immersive virtual worlds… “Real To Virtual; Virtual To Real”!

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  • JoinedMay 2009
  • Occupation3D Immersive Virtual Worlds Evangelist; Social Media Consultant and Strategist; STI Laboratory Consultant/Instructor; Chief Silo Buster; Network Weaver
  • HometownKitely; Second Life
  • Current cityBaltimore, Maryland USA
  • CountryUSA
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