I love colors. The word color always comes along with happiness, joy and celebration. This is because of the impact that colors can leave on each of us.


My photographs are all about texture and color. I'm in love with this wonderful world of photography. It's my hope that I might be able to brighten up your day just a little with my images.


Thank you for reading and taking your time to browse through my page and gallery. Your wonderful comments,favs and suggestions are more than welcome and greatly appreciated

Stay blessed.




To My VALENTINE : Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

#TwitterBird - Red-throated Blue Bird --- [Explore N°117, Front Page]

Day Too Short

Keep a close eye

Fiery Sky

Orion, The Hunter- Shining Brightly in The Sky


Contre Jour [Explored]


Adventures - Cranberry Lake-Deception Pass

Candlelight Red Sunset

“Flowers rejoice when night is done, Lift their heads to greet the sun; Sweetest looks and odours raise, In a silent hymn of praise.”  Henry Van Dyke

Winter Sky

Color Me Orange


Life is full of beauty. Notice it!

:New Everything:

Facing The Sun

I LOVE Autumn

Lost in Autumn- Colorful Thoughts


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