Award winning photographer Sarah Kramer's work has appeared in such publications as Suicide Girls, The New York Daily News, Herbivore Magazine, Monday Magazine, Metropol, Discorder, Vancouver Sun and The Times Colonist.



My name is Sarah Kramer and I wish my eyeballs were cameras!!


I’ve always seen potential photographs in everything around me. As a child I used to pretend my eyeballs were film cameras and I would cut and splice together movies in my head with the images I captured with my “eyeball cameras“. There were many times in my childhood when I would get in trouble from my Dad because he would take his film in to be developed only to discover that I had secretly taken most of the photos without his knowledge.


In 1977 my parents gave me a Polaroid Land Camera for my birthday and my life changed on the spot. Not only could I capture moments in time but I could instantly see results. It was exhilarating to say the least.


My main photography influence as a child was Bob Howard ( He is a family friend and I have been surrounded by his photography since I could open my eyes and focus. I am perpetually inspired by his work.


As I evolved (slowly...) into a young adult my parents indulged me again by giving me a Canon T-70 for my birthday. Giddy with passion I continued to take photographs (now with 35mm film) and set up my own dark room in the basement of a skateboard store (Spine Grind) in Victoria BC.


The exposure to harsh chemicals of the darkroom combined with my exposure to chemicals at my day job as a hairdresser I became quite ill with chemical poisoning. My body shut down and I became incapacitated with CFS and unable to work or do much of anything for almost 10 years.


During those years I gave up taking photos as I could never seem to get my photos to look how I wanted without being able to monkey around in the dark room.


As the years slowly passed… the computer age was upon us and as my health started to improve so did digital cameras and my love of photography was sparked again. My first digital camera was a Canon S-30 and with the aid of Photoshop my darkroom was now inside my computer.


I have since moved on to a small Canon S-70 that I carry on my person at all times so I can snap a shot on days I'm not lugging around my SLR. I recently brought a Canon Rebel EOS into my life and I think I'm in love. What a joy it’s been to re-discover a childhood passion and make it a grown-up experience.


Whether it be a lump of coal or a pretty girl, I see the beauty in everything and love to capture it inside my camera for everyone to see. Here you will find my heart and soul so take a look around and enjoy.


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