don’t shoot what it looks like. shoot what it feels like.

-david alan harvey

recently got a twitter and made a blog. also, you can follow my iphone photos on instagram - @sarahjeanette_

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    after october says:

    "i've wanted to write this for so long, but never thought i'd be able to put into words how i feel about sarah and her photography. she doesn't capture scenes as they are, she captures them as you would see them in a memory... hazy, warm, familiar and cozy, and also a little bittersweet. she finds the beauty in the every day, in the little things, the small details which make this life worth living. the weight of emotions her photos carry is pure poetry. her style is all her own, each photo is instantly recognizable as hers.
    and as a person? sarah is gorgeous, funny, thoughtful, a little sassy, and most importantly, real. simply put, she's amazing, and by far one of the most influential and inspiring people on flickr for me."

    August 30th, 2012

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    n.white1 says:

    "Sarah's photography never fails to astound me. She has such an amazing eye for 'moments' - I think she sees in photographs, and I'm definitely jealous. I could go on with listing positive adjectives, but I think it's unnecessary. Just look at her stream…pure poetry. She's also a wonderful Flickr contact and friend, taking time to leave thoughtful, meaningful comments and engage in real conversations with people. I consider myself lucky to have found her photostream!"

    March 17th, 2012

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    Scott Farrar - dsfdawg says:

    "Sarah's film work is my favorite here on Flickr. She is the one who inspired me to get out my old AE-1, fix it, and start shooting film. From that, I developed a love for the Holga and b/w film. Because of her, I have discovered the truly unpredictable nature of film, yet fallen in love with the character of it. She finds art in everything...nature, a cup of coffee, an old chair, even a teapot on a stove. Her work continues to inspire me (an many others!), and she really is the Queen of Bokeh!"

    March 1st, 2012

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    La Branĉaro says:

    "Each one of Sarah's photographs has the magic of memory inside of it. They often seem nostalgic, as if they are not just things that she has lived, but things that we have lived as well. She has the ability to look past the surface and into the heart of what she photographs so that we see the mysterious substance of life and energy in what she shows us.

    She is also capable of finding beauty all around her. She brings her grandfather's house to life for people who will never see it. She turns her relationships with friends and family into something photographable so that the energy between people is palpable. She finds artistry in a branch, in a cup of coffee, in an antique locket, in hands, in hair, in everything her eyes touch.

    And beyond that, she always seems to go further for us by providing a quote or lines from a song, or a passage from a book, or a scene from a film that brings even more depth to her work. Her photography is like looking at the pages of an old journal. There is something captivating and universal in them, but there is also so much of the artist there, too.

    No one will fail to see Sarah in her work, but you will also not help but see yourself in it, too. That, in my opinion, makes her art great. She has the ability to speak to us all."

    February 13th, 2012

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    manyfires says:

    "Sarah has the ability to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She manages to infuse a bit of herself into every image, which means all of her images impart a certain warmth and truthfulness to the viewer. Her images feel honest, real, down to earth and yet full of soul, full of dreams, full of beauty. I'm particularly partial to her film images, for she works magic with light and grain and color. It's been a great pleasure knowing this girl, and I'm so excited to see her continue this photographic journey."

    February 3rd, 2012

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    twoaftertwenty says:

    "I really can't believe I'm the first one to write a testimonial. Everything about her stream is MAGIC, especially in the way she understands light and can capture it in a photograph :) And, of course, all of the film goodness!

    If you ever need some inspiration, just flip through her stream! :)"

    November 28th, 2011

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