SHOOTING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHOENIX . PRODUCT photography , phoenix food photography, for packaging, editorial and national advertising. After picking up a camera with his first real paycheck as a young man, Drew knew what he was meant to do. He soon maxed out a credit card to stock a warehouse photo studio full of equipment, and taught himself how to shoot. Just two years later at the ripe age of 25, he anchored in San Francisco with a mere thousand dollars in his pocket, and a dream. And that dream has been realized daily for over 20 years. We work tightly with advertising agencies, design groups and direct to client, producing photography for packaging, editorials and national advertising. We've worked with many name brands providing the perfect combination of talent and service: Del Monte, JambaJuice, Smuckers, Ghirardelli, Scharffenberger, Annie's, Hershey's, Togo's, Clorox and many more. A leading Commercial photographers in phoenix.

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March 2016
Phoenix, United States
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Phoenix Commercial Photographer
Phoenix Commercial Photography