I'm an avid amateur photographer, living in Toronto, Canada and working as a librarian. It seems that all my money and free time are spent on travel and photography but that's OK with me.

You can find me on my website.

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    Andreas Larzon Photography says:

    "Sandra has an exceptional ability to find compositions that work and feel vibrant and interesting. Her phenomenal feeling for light, creating of drama and subtle nuances in the overall color palette is wonderful to behold. Sandra regards herself as an amateur photographer, though her pictures are anything but amateurish. A photographer is expected to tell a story through their photographs.
    With Sandra, we find a planted rose that over time has grown, anchored its roots and started spreading its beautiful red petals for all of us to behold.

    Many regards
    Andreas Larzon / Sweden"

    March 27th, 2018

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    Ramen Saha says:

    "Sandra says she is a librarian. I say, she is a teacher. To anyone wanting to learn, she teaches in mute through her images. Sandra's work demonstrates how to maximally exploit minimalism. Her work also shows the importance of feelings being engaged and displayed in a photograph. Hemingway described writing as an easy task that required one to sit at a typewriter and then... bleed. Sandra could say something similar about making a great image... grab a camera, a decent lens of choice (11mm sometimes, jeez), get to a place that resonates and just let your feelings rip. Sandra, I will likely never enroll in your school of minimalist photography (sorry, I always have too much to say... be it my mouth or my photos), but your school of using feelings to create magic... yeah, I am in. I have stared at your photos for minutes and felt things... not kidding. Viewing your 'Supercell' or "Abandoned Homestead' was very similar to reading 'The Old Man and The Sea'. So, here is my advise for all new Sandra fans: If you are new to Sandra's stream and if you are not shy of facing your feelings, then, belt up... the ride will be long, rough and exhilarating. You will not want to stop because you will be in the warmth of someone's feelings. And if you are not ready to deal with your emotions while on a photo-surfing episode, I say with no sugar-coating... stay away from Sandra's images. They may do to you what those sharks did to the Old man's marlin."

    February 16th, 2018

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    tvdflickr says:

    "I have just discovered the works of Sandra Herber, and very much look forward to her future postings as well. Her landscape work, particularly in black and white, ranks in the top 10% of all the landscape and scenic photographers I routinely follow in flickr. The ability to see, to capture, and to process such stunning images is truly a gift. And her 'meteorological' images are superb as well. While I am primarily a street photographer, I also try my hand at limited scenic/landscape images when I travel. I now have more inspiration to strive to improve my own work. One would only have to study Sandra's work to gain inspiration as well as ideas for their own photography. Keep 'em coming, Sandra!!"

    July 20th, 2017

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    SWAPPER. says:

    "Votre technique est sans faille mais plus encore votre regard et votre sens de l'esthétique sont admirable.
    Grand Merci pour le partage de cet album d'une rare qualité."

    September 13th, 2017

Sandra Herber
October 2009
Toronto, Canada
I am: