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Don't Read.. It is really tooooooooooooooooo old.. :P I think I should update it somehow , someday, whatever!!! :)

It's Ahsan, basically a Java Software Engineer, but people call me an all rounder! whatever I start, I just keep going ;). That's not the over confidence but Believe on Allah!

What I've got out of this life is "Effort leads to rewards", You only need to work hard! don't worry what will be the result! Inshallah (If God Wished) you'll be benefited by Allah if that benefit is good for you!

No idea what forced my to start photography, may be A Cheap Digital Cam, Means no Studio Development Stuff, and you are free to CLICK CLICK CLICK whatever you get and observe?

I've one personal assumption regarding photography
(hehe My Quote about photography :D)

It's the Luck, it's not we, who make the concepts but they comes automatically/luckily in front of us, and we need photography skills to shoot them accurately nothing else!

I am an unknown person! The whole world is unknown for me! I've no direction coz there's no direction for me! somehow everyone does the same! They have their own feeling, their own thoughts, their own imaginations and I hold the same :)

Sometimes you'll find me conceptual, sometimes totally funky! sometimes fully weird, sometimes macros(I love bugs :P), sometimes landscapes, sometimes Self portraits and blah blah blah! that's again about availability.

I only have one weapon in my hand :) Poor Me! Hope I'll get some to buy some :)

Canon Chintu Camera

Buddies/photographers/artists.. I beg for your suggestions/comments/criticism whatever you think about my work.
You can even kill me, if something doesn't taste good.. Though I am a good cook too ;) :P.. I'll love to die by hands of an artist.

I Love Orange

Photos of ahsan.amin (Work Work And Work) (7)

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  • Mount Rakaposhi.Nagar Valley Gilgit Baltistan by Naveed Chaudhry's
  • Lahore Scott Kelbys Worldwide Photowalkers 2011 by ssaallmmaann
  • Joy! by High Blue
  • 3rd Annual Scott Kelbey's Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 in Lahore by Tanzeel Rehman
  • and they left - retro style by ssaallmmaann
  • its black n white by ssaallmmaann
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    trite airport says:

    "ahem ahem i have to write something about this person...but I don't know from where i should to start..
    very very nice shots...very different...
    i really like your criticism...your humble opinions...and your friend NONI too.. :D
    and please make a new account after this one...
    i really don't k now what i m writing here...
    but you deserve an excellent you have some...
    and yeah one thing more i don't need a testimonial in return plz i know that i don't deserve :D
    Good luck..
    may ALLAH bless you..and give you all the HAPPINESS....and may ALLAH give you, whatever you want...."

    July 20th, 2009

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    High Blue says:

    "when I met him first time I came to know that he got the passion and enthusiasm to shoot anything and literally anything. He expose perfectly with nice composition and lighting, I can say he can expose garbage so perfectly that you start loving this shot. He knows what I said when we were heading towards Derawar fort, "guy with high potential". That time he had some small gear and he was looking to salman's and mine gear with curiosity and wish to have new one. Now Mashallah he owns good one but he can expose as good as he can with any point & shoot. His work is creative, fabulous, nicely composed and tightly exposed. And in last I want to say "Ahsan Amin Tariq Amin ka chota bhai" :)"

    May 24th, 2009

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    skywalker165 says:

    "He came an conquered.
    In a short spam of time Ahsan has made his place among some of the most viewed photographers.
    It is simply of his free imagination about life and the world which in my opinion earns him a title of "Free Spirit""

    November 2nd, 2008

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    Ahmed W Khan - [AkS] says:

    "Ahsan! one of the most happening THING of flickr! He is such an amazing person... wow!"

    October 26th, 2008

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    Philipp | Photography says:

    "I'm happy to write the first recommendation for my contact Ahsan. His fotostream offers a wide choice of lovely, interesting and "think-about" shots. I often come here to watch after new artworks and I'm always happy about new works.

    Please go on with that great work!"

    August 4th, 2008

Ahsan Amin
August 2007
Wapda Town
Lahore, Pakistan
I am:
Male and Taken
Principal Software Engineer