Imagine that one day you come back home from work. You're tired. It's dark since hours, you just feel like letting the water from the shower to take away the tension of the day, letting your thoughts sink in a white nimbus made of the most absolute nothing. You turn the key in the keyhole. There's no light in your apartment. Your partner is not home, family dinner again. You wonder what time she will be back while you walk the corridor in the dark. You leave your jacket on the bed just like it weighted 100 kilos. You try to reach the light switch in the wall. There is a hand where the switch should be, it grabs your own hand.

That is what watching a picture by SalaBoli feels like.

SalaBoli's images scream. Bang. They rebel and howl against their condition. They rush against the frame where he put them. They dribble and scratch the invisible bars of their two-dimensional prison. Choke. They are furious that they let him capture them, but, above all things, they are furious at you. Your scrutiny drives them mad. You behold them, surprised and admired. You smile, raise your eyebrows, pronounce pretentious words like hiperrealism, texture treatment, chromatic aberration. Then you go on to the next photography and devour more chips. They are dying to flay you.

So don't fool yourself. If you feel a little uncomfortable while watching them, it means that they just saw you. Be careful. obe day you will come back home from work. Everything will be dark, and you will think that your partner is not home. You will step on her blood. You will enter the bedroom and leave the jacket on the bed while you reach the light switch. Somewhere on your desk, between beer cans and chips, there will be a bunch of blank, torn apart photographs. Then you will know.

SalaBoli's images have escaped.
And you know what?
They're coming for you

Jesús Cañadas, art writer.
Author of El baile de los secretos.


Imagina que vuelves un día a casa del trabajo. Estás cansado. Hace horas que ha anochecido, sólo te apetece dejar que el agua de la ducha se lleve toda la tensión del día, que tus pensamientos se sumerjan en un nimbo blanco hecho de la más absoluta nada. Giras la llave en la cerradura. No hay luz en el apartamento. Tu pareja no está, otra vez cena con la familia. Te preguntas a qué hora volverá mientras recorres el pasillo a oscuras. Dejas la chaqueta sobre la cama como si pesara cien kilos. Palpas la pared buscando la luz del dormitorio. Donde debería estar el interruptor hay una mano, que agarra la tuya con fuerza.

Eso es ver una fotografía de SalaBoli.

Las imágenes de SalaBoli gritan. Aporrean. Se rebelan entre aullidos contra su condición de prisioneras. Arremeten contra los bordes del marco donde él las ha confinado. Babean y arañan los barrotes invisibles de esas dos dimensiones. Se asfixian. Están furiosas por haberse dejado atrapar pero, sobre todo, lo están por tu culpa. Tu escrutinio las enloquece. Tú las contemplas, entre sorprendido y admirado. Sonríes, levantas las cejas, pronuncias palabras pedantes como hiperrealismo, tratamiento de las texturas, aberración cromática. Luego pasas a la siguiente fotografía mientras devoras patatas fritas. Ellas sueñan con despellejarte.

No te engañes. Si al mirarlas te sientes un poco incómodo sin razón alguna, es porque te han visto. Así que ten cuidado. Un día volverás a casa del trabajo. Será de noche, y creerás que tu pareja no está en casa. Pasarás sin darte cuenta por encima del charco de su sangre. Entrarás en el dormitorio a oscuras. Dejarás la chaqueta encima de la cama y tantearás buscando el interruptor de la luz. En algún lugar de tu escritorio, entre latas de cerveza estrujadas y envoltorios de patatas fritas, habrá un puñado de fotografías en blanco rotas en dos. Entonces lo sabrás.

Las imágenes de SalaBoli han escapado.
Y, ¿sabes qué?
Vienen a por ti.

Jesús Cañadas, escritor de arte.
Autor de El baile de los secretos.


Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism.

We are the vandals.

Been caught stealing...

La BANDA SONORA de mi stream.
Esta es una lista d canciones que de alguna forma inspiraron muchas de mis imágenes o las usé sencillamente para decorar mis creaciones. Mi amor y respeto para todas aquellas bandas y artistas que hacen que mi vida sea mejor.
The SOUNDTRACK of my stream.
Ths is a list of songs that somehow inspired most of my images, or I use them to decorate my own art. My love and respect to all the bands and artists that make my life better.

FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS – the king of New York
ROSAVELT – emerald hope
JOHNNY CASH –man in black
TYPE O NEGATIVE – blood & fire
SOUNDGARDEN – outshined
FAITH NO MORE – surprise! You’re dead!
TYPE O NEGATIVE – everything dies
SLAYER – seasons in the abyss
INCUBUS – the warmth
RYAN ADAMS - Tina Toledo's street walkin' blues
HANK WILLIAMS III – broke, lovesick & driftin’
TYPE O NEGATIVE – summer breeze
NIRVANA – smells like teen spirit
NEIL YOUNG – cinnamon girl
REID PALEY – never drink alone
THE BLACK CROWES –twice as hard
BARÓN ROJO – los rockeros van al infierno
CRADLE OF FILTH – dusk and her embrace
METALLICA – ride the lightning
RYAN ADAMS – halloweenhead
METALLICA – bleeding me
THE CULT – fire woman
JOHNNY CASH – thirteen
THE CULT – the witch
BLACK SABBATH – evil woman
BLACK SABBATH – laguna sunrise
BLACK SABBATH – after forever
BLACK SABBATH – children of the grave
BLACK SABBATH – the warning
THE CULT – Indian woman
BLACK SABBATH – wicked world
BLACK SABBATH – killing yourself to live
BLACK SABBATH – hand of doom
SLAYER – south of heaven
THE WHITE STRIPES – I don’t know what to do with myself
BLACK SABBATH – solitude
FAITH NO MORE – everything’s ruined
NINE INCH NAILS – a warm place
MORPHINE - do not go quietly unto your grave
HELMET – Wilma’s rainbow
DANZIG – she rides
AC/DC – hell ain’t a bad place to be
TURBONEGRO – apocalypse dudes
AFGHAN WHIGS – my curse
T-REX – dandy in the underworld
MARK LANEGAN – methamphetamine blues
MOTÖRHEAD – the ace of spades
THE HEAVY – that kind of man
THE QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – the lost art of keeping a secret
SOULSAVERS – revival
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – heaven’s not overflowing
THE ROLLING STONES – dead flowers
CLUTCH – electric worry
ALICE IN CHAINS – man in the box
REEF – naked
PINK FLOYD – shine on you crazy diamond
TOM WAITS - rain dogs
SEPULTURA - cut-throat
TYPE O NEGATIVE - in praise of Bacchus
ALICE IN CHAINS - heaven beside you
SOUNDGARDEN - fell on black days
SLAYER - sex, murder, art
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - these shrouded temples
A PERFECT CIRCLE - the hollow
SUPERSUCKERS - the evil powers of rock n roll
PARADISE LOST - deus misereatur
SEX PISTOLS - black leather
DELIBES - Viens, Mallika, les liens en fleurs (Lákme)
MINISTRY - lay lady lay
CLUTCH - the profits of doom
MISFITS - Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?
BIOHAZARD - state of the world address
JOHNNY CASH - satisfied mind
JEFF BUCKLEY - nightmares by the sea
SEPULTURA - ratamahatta
DOWN - where I'm going
MARK LANEGAN - untitled lullaby
WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE - sometimes our dreams float like anchors
RYAN ADAMS - bartering lines
MINISTRY - just one fix
MORPHINE - the night
LAMB OF GOD - requiem
NINE INCH NAILS - into the void
THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY - capitalism stole my virginity
DANZIG - until you call on the dark
LAMB OF GOD - omerta
HANK WILLIAMS - I'll never get out of this world alive
ANTHRAX - what doesn't die
SATYRICON - the wolfpack
MACHINE HEAD - the burning red
THE DRESDEN DOLLS - girl anachronism
BAD RELIGION - struck a nerve
PANTERA - suicide note pt. 1
KYUSS - demon cleaner
MISFITS - last caress
TOM WAITS - long way home
SLAYER - reborn
PARADISE LOST - once solemn
MASTODON - this mortal soil
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - bottom feeder (el que come abajo)
JANE'S ADDICTION - been caught stealing
BEHEMOTH - vinvm sabbati
OPETH - coil
TOM WAITS - anywhere I lay my head
THE HERBALISER - something wicked this way comes
REFUSED - new noise
PARADISE LOST - one second
OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW - we're all in this together
LEADBELLY - where did you sleep last night
JOSHUA BLACK WILKINS - pictures on the wall
NEIL YOUNG - dead man (soundtrack, main theme)
SLAYER - killing fields
DANZIG - devil's plaything
JEFF BUCKLEY - lilac wine
MORPHINE - rope on fire
PARADISE LOST - hallowed land
THE BLACK KEYS - all you ever wanted
DOWN - learn from this mistake
JACK WHITE - great high mountain
MAD SEASON - long gone day
PJ HARVEY - to bring you my love
ARCH ENEMY - carry the cross
THE CHARLATANS - just lookin'
NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS - where the wild roses grow
NEIL YOUNG - only love can break your heart
MACHINE HEAD - davidian
KYUSS - molten universe
LOS ENEMIGOS - me sobra carnaval
TYPE O NEGATIVE - black nº 1
HANK WILLIAMS III - long hauls and close calls
BEN HARPER - ground on down
SPONGE - my purity
MY RUIN - memento mori
LAMB OF GOD - now you've got something to die for
ALICE IN CHAINS - bleed the freak
SEPULTURA - we who are not as others
BON IVER - skinny love
ROSE KEMP - dirty glow
LED ZEPPELIN - kashmir
THE CURE - lullaby
PINK FLOYD - southampton dock
13 CATS - 13 cats
NINE INCH NAILS - hyperpower!
STEVE VON TILL - to the field
GLENN DANZIG - battle for heaven
KYUSS - space cadet
NEUROSIS - the doorway
OPETH - the drapery falls
TWO - my ceiling's low
JEFF BUCKLEY - everybody here wants you
MASSIVE ATTACK - protection
REDD KROSS - yesterday once more
BRUJERIA - asesino
FANTOMAS - the omen (ave satani)
THE DWARVES - over you
MASTERS OF REALITY - jindalee jindalie
TYPE O NEGATIVE - everything dies
CYPRESS HILL - howI could just kill a man
THE 69 EYES - wasting the dawn
THE JAYHAWKS - all the right reasons
PARADISE LOST - forever failure
DIAMOND HEAD - am I evil
MASSIVE ATTACK - butterfly caught
THE DUST BROTHERS - this is your life
DAVID BOWIE - the jean genie
CTHULHU - (fragment III ) ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - she's unreal
WOLFMOTHER - the mind's eye
TIGER ARMY - never die
THERAPY? - perversonality
THE MISSION - beyond the pale
JOHNNY CASH - father and son
THE SWORD - the frost giant's daughter
BLACK SABBATH - sweet leaf
MOTORHEAD - born to raise hell
CULT OF LUNA - the watchtower
FEAR FACTORY - genetic blueprint
JOHNNY CASH - god's gonna cut you down
HIGH ON FIRE - rumors of war
KORN - blind
SLAYER - dittohead
JUDAS PRIEST - the green manalishi
PAW - death to traitors
BLUE OYSTER CULT - flaming telepaths
LED ZEPPELIN - tangerine
SOULSAVERS - some misunderstanding
CYPRESS HILL - locotes
LAMB OF GOD - descending
ANGEL WITCH - gorgon
JIMI HENDRIX - little wing
DANZIG - dirty black summer
THE BAND - up on cripple creek
WHITE ZOMBIE - thunder kiss '65
BEN HARPER - with my own two hands
DAN AUERBACH - whispered words
KARMA TO BURN - ma petite mort
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON - closer to the bone
DANZIG - little whip
FRANK SINATRA - autumn leaves
SLAYER - in the name of god
AS I LAY DYING - through struggle
MANIC STREET PREACHERS - gold against the soul
THE CULT - wild hearted son
JOHNNY CASH - I won't back down
RZA - samurai showdown
MISFITS - death comes ripping
DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - goddamn lonely love
THE HACKENSAW BOYS - smilin' must mean something
JOHNNY CASH - a satisfied mind
CHUCK BILLY & CO - silent night
DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - never gonna change
DAVID BOWIE - moonage daydream
METALLICA - seek and destroy
RYAN ADAMS - magnolia mountain
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE - lone pine hill
BASIL POLEDOURIS - the riddle of steel
THE BLACK CROWES - appaloosa
PARADISE LOST - in requiem
MARK LANEGAN - wild flowers
FEAR FACTORY - demanufacture
THE STEEPWATER BAND - lord only knows
BARONESS - steel that sleeps the eye
TOOL - pushit
CLUTCH - pure rock fury
BARONESS - o'er hell and hide
J. TILLMAN - earthly bodies
FIONA APPLE - shadowboxer
DAN AUERBACH - whispered words
MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE - golgotha tenement blues
DANZIG - her black wings
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - simple man
DIAMANDA GALAS - gloomy sunday
THE BEATLES - helter skelter
ALLISON MOORER - goodbye to the ground
METALLICA - fade to black
MÖTLEY CRÜE - Dr. Feelgood
LED ZEPPELIN - thank you
BEHEMOTH - horns ov baphomet
TURA SATANA - venus diablo
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - into the hollow
THE BLACK KEYS - heavy soul
SLASH w/ ANDREW STOCKDALE - by the sword
AFGHAN WHIGS - what jail is like
DAX RIGGS - radiation blues
LUSTMORD - godeater
TORI AMOS - a sorta fairytale
APOLLO 440 - electro glide in blue
PEGGY LEE - it's a good day
OPETH - deliverance
THE SWORD - freya
SKUNK ANANSIE - secretly
VAST - flames
FEAR FACTORY - replica
SEVENTH VOID - heaven is gone
TOM WAITS - you can never hold back spring
FAITH NO MORE - the gentle art of making enemies
WOVEN HAND - dirty blue
PARADISE LOST - true belief
SUBLIME - summertime
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - burn the witch
ORGY - stitches
NICK CAVE - bring it on
ALICE IN CHAINS - no excuses
JACKIE GREENE - sweet somewhere bound
NEAL CASAL - free to go
SLAYER - dead skin mask
BLIND MELON - I wonder
WILL HOGE - even if it breaks your heart
HATEBREED - defeatist
DEATH BREATH - Cthulhu Fhtagn
JJ GREY & MOFRO - the sun is shining down
LED ZEPPELIN - nobody's fault but mine
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - damned for all time
THE SWORD - tres brujas
NINA SIMONE - black is the colour of my true love's hair
AMORPHIS - silent waters
PEARL JAM - strangest tribe
BLACK MOUNTAIN - radiant hearts
ROB ZOMBIE & THE GASTLY ONES - halloween hootenanny
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON - from here to forever
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - the lost art of keeping a secret
DANZIG - going down to die
DEPEDRO - don't leave me now
OPETH - in my time of need
THE PRODIGY - breathe
JOHNNY CASH - love's been good to me
DANZIG - son of the morning star
DOWNSET - anger
MUMFORD & SONS - winter winds
SCOTT H. BIRAM - still drunk, still crazy, still blue
JOHN MELLENCAMP - longest days
BETH ORTON - she cries your name
SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER - alone and forsaken

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    ▲Billy Plummer says:

    "David's portraits are a class act. So vivid and real and simple and intense and honest...I could go on for ever. His more gothic work is league all of it's own.

    David thanks for being totally inspiring and relentlessly creative. Love, love, love what you do my friend.

    Please, please, keep on keepin' on,

    the very best to you,


    July 27th, 2011

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    [PKPC] says:

    "Very intensive the work. The images come with a certain perspective that is unique and strong. Inspirational is his light."

    June 2nd, 2011

  • view profile

    JennVioletta says:

    "This marks my third testimonial for the man who always inspires me to do better with my work.

    He is the reason so many of us do what we do, put ourselves out there for everyone to see.

    David, you know I love you and your vision as an artist I owe so much to you for keeping me motivated to do this and try new things everyday with my art. Thank you for being here and being an original in everything you create.

    my love and undying respect forever and ever even after i die



    May 26th, 2011

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    ☆▄█▀▄▀█▄☆ says:

    "Very innovative and beautifully detailed work..Some of the Best collections in flickr..
    Going through his photostream u feel a strong music running in your mind with every change in picture...

    Very good Job



    December 1st, 2010

  • view profile

    NIKON.DOC says:

    "I'm BLOOWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN AWAY by his work. Wow. Dark, sexy, sophisticated, cryptic but yet still manages to touches the most profound depths of the soul. I spend hours upon hours entranced by his work."

    November 29th, 2010

  • view profile

    Venus XIII says:

    "I like really your work, the horror movie style, really really good...

    June 1st, 2010

  • view profile

    Jenn Violetta says:

    "My love affair for David and his art begins so long ago, before I had ever even considered being here, I had seen his work featured here for so many of us to enjoy.

    I really cannot put into words how his vision makes me feel both inside and out. Sometimes it is like a dream or a movie that I want to watch over and over smiling, laughing and crying, and living it the way he wants me to experience it.

    He is my religion, and I am forever in love with his vision.

    always and forever



    April 7th, 2010

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    AK●MG says:

    ""Me pregunto: ¿es mejor vivir como un monstruo o morir como un buen hombre?""

    February 21st, 2010

  • view profile

    renatodasilva | selected says:

    "The photo is not an exact copy of the reality, but it's a riven, changed or differently iterpreted part of it. The image looks like the way we see it in real, but it's not an explanation in the physical sence.


    October 13th, 2009

  • view profile

    Midnight - Digital says:

    "David's stream is like a good Black Sabbath album... Dark and powerful."

    August 24th, 2009

  • view profile

    ZvonocK says:

    "Nothing to say in fact!
    Just one thing for shure
    You do a very crispy naughty &very great work
    One fan more

    August 5th, 2009

  • view profile

    miaLarica says:

    "Boli sos de lo mas grosso que vi y veo por aca..
    creativo humilde magico y por demas bueno en lo que haces..
    admiro tu creativdad y tu talento para crear tanta magia!"

    July 14th, 2009

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    in666moments says:

    "An unbelivable strong, inspiring source of creativity, ideas, images...
    I´ve never seen such amazing pictures, where you can find a hundreds of details if you only look a second time! Brilliant work of a brilliant unique artist."

    July 13th, 2009

  • view profile

    Takashy says:

    "Un auténtico creador de atmósferas. Magnífico ejemplo de lo que es "expresar" a través de la fotografía. Sus fotos con frecuencia me transmiten reflexiones sobre las debilidades, los miedos y los demonios que llevamos dentro. El lado oscuro del ser humano. Cuidado que engancha !!"

    June 15th, 2009

  • view profile

    lualunera says:

    "La palabra "artista" nunca tuvo tanto significado."

    June 2nd, 2009

  • view profile

    solarixx says:

    uno de los primeros artistas que descubri aqui...y admire al instante.
    un tipo majisimo....
    y talentoso."

    May 28th, 2009

  • view profile

    crysse* says:

    "The universe of Mister SalaBoli speaks to me.
    I meet myself there completely. Black …but with a light of redemption.
    Dark… but the Love hidden in a corner. Pictures has breathtaking.
    Mister SalaBoli is an artist as I like them !"

    April 21st, 2009

  • view profile

    Drummer Photo Experience says:

    "La verdad es que es fácil resumir la idea:
    "Un artista".
    Pero además de eso, un amigo, que hoy en día no es moco de pavo...
    Además de un buen conversador y una constante fuente de inspiración para cualquiera con un mínimo de sensibilidad en cualquier disciplina artística."

    April 14th, 2009

  • view profile

    {Giorgio Constantine} says:

    "David you know you rock the photographic world.
    Love your self portraits as well as all your work.
    I'm so inspired.

    April 3rd, 2009

  • view profile

    ~.charlie.~ ... says:

    "i totally adore David's work ... there's not much more i can say so go check him out for yoursefl!"

    April 3rd, 2009

  • view profile

    *Concertina* says:

    "Hoy estaba pensando en que nunca escribí para SalaBoli...y es la persona que más merece un testimonio en flickr. Por qué? Su trabajo es increíble, tiene sentido del humor, de la ironía y un excelente gusto musical. Porque es sensible, observador y respetuoso.
    Tus trabajos y tus comentarios sobre los míos me hacen crecer día a día en este maravilloso mundo, que es la fotografía.
    Gracias por compartir tu talento, pero por sobre todo, por tu inmensa humildad."

    March 22nd, 2009

  • view profile

    حسن بن يوسف says:

    "this photographer a legend i love his work
    he`s super unique
    i can`t describe how much i like his photos.

    God bless him"

    February 24th, 2009

  • view profile

    cambiodefractal says:

    "Lo primero que vi de David me impresionó muchísimo. De lo que veo ahora, cada día, en su stream, aprendo siempre.
    Lo que se puede concluir de tu trabajo, David, es que es tremendamente inspirador, desafiante y lleno de creatividad. No es sólo imaginación, que ya es mucho, sino técnica, talento, mirada, oído e, incluso, una propia ética.
    Mensajes lanzados para todos los que esperamos con los ojos abiertos. Abiertitos de par en par."

    February 5th, 2009

  • view profile

    [ " OMINOUS " ] says:

    "Una Fuerza,una motivacion constante,
    firme y de una inmensa Vision.

    "Vida Eterna mi Carnal"

    Ave Satanas!"

    December 17th, 2008

  • view profile

    Quike Garcia says:

    "There can be many appelatives used to describe this man. I think Bastard would be one of his personal favourites indeed, but, according to his art, the two main words that come to my mind screaming an shining as a neon light are Fucking Genius.

    There, capital letters and all..

    Come, admire his work, enjoy his world..

    I do"

    October 29th, 2008

  • view profile

    imagina_eva manez fotografa says:

    "Cuando sea mayor quiero saber editar como SalaBoli y hacer magia con photoshop... escribí hace unos meses.
    Ahora lo que quiero decir es: Joder David, tienes un estilo propio, un lenguaje particular, una técnica personal y depurada, un montón de fotos hechas. TIO búscate un galerista, un mecenas, una revista. Tu obra merece salir de flickr y conocer el mundo.
    Deberíamos de darle la oportunidad al mundo de quedarse boquiabierto con tus fotos. Por que los compis del flickr ya estamos anonadados hace mucho tiempo con tu inmensa capacidad."

    October 21st, 2008

  • view profile

    Contra_dictioN says:

    "David es un Mago de la fotografía, mi Mago.

    Con su mente imparable, sus inagotables ideas, y una incurable pasión por lo que hace, transforma la realidad potenciando las bondades de todo lo que toca.
    Ponerse en sus manos, tanto fotográfica, como personalmente hablando, es siempre un sorprendente placer...

    Siempre consigues que veamos de lo bueno, lo mejor.
    Tus imágenes cuentan cuentos inimaginables...y formar parte de tu mundo creativo es y será siempre el mayor honor.

    besazos de tu sweetiepie ;)"

    September 29th, 2008

  • view profile

    Michelle Brea says:

    "In simple words David´s work can be defined as erotic, sensual and gothic with unique aesthetics. His work is not just photos, its art."

    September 25th, 2008

  • view profile

    *Amaya* says:

    " David siempre me sorprende. Uno de mis favoritos de Flickr desde el comienzo."

    September 2nd, 2008

  • view profile

    Srta. Lunares (por siempre) says:

    "Recuerdo que hace ya bastante tiempo que me topé con la página de Deivi. Y ha habido una clara evolución desde sus principios hasta ahora. Pero en todo momento ha estado latente el estilo y la personalidad de este genio.

    Sí, sí, GENIO en mayúsculas. Su sentido de la estética es inmejorable y su capacidad de creación infinita. Me encanta tu manejo con el photoshop, cómo consigues hacer sexy y seductor el lado oscuro de la vida, cómo consigues mostrarnos que lo que a simple vista puede parecer desagradable finalmente cuando pasa por tus manos deja de serlo y pasa a convertirse en arte.

    Tienes un don, my friend. Y lo mejor de todo es que lo estás aprovechando. Sigue así, por favor.

    Por mi parte, cada vez que me pregunten por mis artistas favoritos seguiré nombrándote como miembro de honor en mi lista de esos genios que me conmueven."

    July 14th, 2008

  • view profile

    .SANCHEZ. says:

    "always such creative work....."

    June 5th, 2008

  • view profile

    Jenn7.62mm says:

    "Well what can i say...

    Sala is one the first photostreams I happened upon when I joined flickr.

    Very few people if any can equal his passion for a darkly sexy delicious kind of world that he portrays in his art.

    always an inspiration and his taste in music is good too.

    thank U for sharing your vision Sala"

    June 4th, 2008

  • view profile

    Diego Lago says:

    "Creativo, con estilo, calidad... Es de lo mejor que hay en flickr, por encima simpático y le gusta el rock!!
    Su galería es sin duda especial!"

    May 19th, 2008

  • view profile

    a.bela says:

    "David és autentico, expresivo, tremendamiente criativo, apasionado y apasionante. No hay como no visitar su galeria, hmmm, una galeria con alma, vida, sueño, llena de imagenes fuertes y unicas.
    Me encanta!"

    March 27th, 2008

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    meg sixx says:

    "SalaBoli is mind-blowing. His work is flawless and endlessly fascinating. Honestly one of my favourite photographers of this and any other decade."

    March 4th, 2008

  • view profile

    Rhaissa Vitor says:

    "SalaBoli definition?!?! Abstract Noun.A Chronicle of Riddick.A PhotoShop Psycopath.The Transformer.A beggar that dies, a vampires that arises!

    Bloody Congrats from Brazil.

    February 29th, 2008

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    *La Marqueza* says:

    "No soy buena para estas cosas pero supongo te haces merecedor de estas---
    Salaboli: Un hacedor de fantasías, tus imágenes no hacen mas que crear un entorno paralelo que hace al espectador escapar para adentrarse en un mundo de fantasías y sentimientos, cada una de tus fotos nos llevan a otra parte, a otro entorno, despierta sentimientos intensos y profundos, buenos o malos...
    Total: Realmente admiro lo que logras trasmitir, no todos tienen esa virtud...Un abrazo fuerte..."

    February 1st, 2008

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    Sandra Torralba says:

    "Una lastima que roza la desgracia el haber pasado un año en flickr sin haber conocido tu obra...
    Pero no seamos pesimistas, ahora ya SI que la conozco, y desde mi gran fortuna te doy las gracias....
    Grato es, tener estrellitas brillantes iluminandote El camino que se aleja mas de lo recto y lo correcto y que un dia decidiste recorrer.
    Nada, a seguir brillando para no dejar a ciegas a los demas."

    January 29th, 2008

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    Pequena Suricata says:

    "Normalmente suelo extenderme mucho para poder explicar ciertas cosas, pero lo que hace Salaboli no tiene explicación, sale y punto, justo desde el mismísimo centro neurálgico de sus emociones.

    Sweet Dark Entropy Stilo"

    January 15th, 2008

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    milki.c says:

    "I wish I could write more than a couple of sentences about how incredible SalaBoli's work is, but I can't. It is simply breath taking. His Photoshop creations are so elaborate they almost seem unreal. Keep it up! :o)"

    December 18th, 2007

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    yell saccani says:

    "great style
    and one of the best around!"

    December 3rd, 2007

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    marcelo ds says:

    "What more coul be said a bout Sala , that has´nt already been said ?
    I just like to add that he has an amazing talent and an outstanding imajination to proudce some of flickrs best photos ... gracias por manternernos en suspenso de dia a dia con tus fotos ... saludos"

    November 22nd, 2007

  • view profile

    la.churri says:

    "David es capaz de contarte una película, con una sola imagen...
    De meterte dentro de esa imagen...
    De hacerte sentir..."

    November 19th, 2007

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    Gantz Project says:

    "Un puto Artista...
    Que envidia.
    Mientras más miro tu Galería, más veo cuanto me falta.
    Que mundo tan sútil anida en tu mente."

    November 11th, 2007

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    Victor Rodriguez (aka Vikk) says:

    "Que puedo decir de David...
    Uno de los mejores amigos que he tenido nunca y un profesional del arte, solo has de darte un paseo por aquí y observar el gran talento que tiene el mamonazo.

    Siempre será un placer compartir con el los gustos por la música y la imagen.

    P.D: ya veras que fotazos vamos hacer ahora que he trincao cámara :-P"

    October 28th, 2007

  • view profile

    retrophotouk says:

    "David likes to push the boundaries and proves you don't need pro quality gear to produce pro quality images. Subjects are sometimes weird but always wonderful. Add him to your wont regret it."

    October 3rd, 2007

  • view profile

    supadope says:

    "Davis is truly talented... I just Love your photos :)

    Best from France"

    August 1st, 2007

  • view profile

    Rai Robledo says:

    "Don David tiene ojo, tiene buen gusto, tiene brillantes ideas, tiene talento...

    Todas estas virtudes nos las vas enseñando cada día en tus fotos y retoques, como una novela, por entregas, a cual mejor.

    Aún estamos en pañales en esto de la fotografía, pero da gusto ver la evolución y la imaginación inagotable que día a día nos regalas.

    En fin, que sólo puedo decir una cosa más: Wild nights and hot crazy days!!"

    July 25th, 2007

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    Velvetmarrrgarita says:

    "Decir que este chico es un artista es algo fácil, yo quiero ir más allá, el encanto que irradia el prisma a través del que mira las realidades y las transforma en magia como un alquimista, como un chaman de la imagen que todo lo llena de luz y belleza con unos toquecillos de sus claves secretas. Encantador, profesional y gran persona...ojalá se pudiera tergiversar el mundo a través de su mirada que todo lo cambia a un estado más bello.
    En su cabecita alberga miles de oportunidades para el mundo existente, iniciando una pequeña revolución cada vez que transforma las imágenes en obras maestras.
    Como ya he dicho otras veces, me considero afortunada de conocer su trabajo, porque es todo un lujo.
    Un besoteeeee ;)"

    July 10th, 2007

  • view profile

    *Syltastic* says:

    "Bold,artistic,sexy pictures....and one of my favorite Flickr buddies.
    When I think of David's shots I think...Sex,Photographs and Rock n Roll!"

    May 20th, 2007

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    Rock and Robin Photography says:

    "A true portrait visionary."

    May 14th, 2007

David Martín
April 2007
Madrid, Spain
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