I am amateur photographer who basically does not think about a shot and keeps on clicking and if by luck, I might come up with a good shot. and so, it barely happens! So, I am self-counseling to think about a shot before taking it.

My big bro is an Architect and is a hard-core photographer as well. his journey started with a Canon EOS film camera and so started playing with it since then and I was barely 13 years old. He was also 18 and then he got hold of another Canon Classic cam, A1. it was really a Cool cam and then He changed side and got a Nikon FM2. since it was full manual, I was struggling to understand the camera, I guess my basics were really bad. SO, my relation with the FM2 did not go well but I developed a love for that camera as it was a mechanical wonder as it worked perfectly without any battery at all. It had a needle metering to let you know if you are over or under.

then, I passed on to college to Medical College and was under so much pressure, I had very little time to play with cameras. in 2005 I came to US and was looking for a camera. But financial stress did not let it happen untill the end of 2009. I finally got my DSLR. My precious, mine, all mine. I jump-started my journey with D5000 and 18-55 F3.5-5.6 VR, 55-200mm F4-5.6 VR. Both Kit lenses. as you can imagine, the beginning, it was cool but eventually I realized this lenses suck. even though the 55-200 was pretty good but the 18-55 was literally a piece of crap as the performance started deteriorating.

I also did not like to switch lenses all the time and was dying for a fish-eye lens. So I bought nikon 10.5mm F2.8 and another body , A D70 also a 70-300 F4 -5.6 lens. the 10.5 is a kick ass lens and I still love it the most. D70 was though a little back dated but still took awesome pictures. D5000 does not do auto-focus without AF-S lenses, so I took the D70. But it was suffering on low light.

that got me thinking and I wanted to get the 18-55 F2.8 nikkor but financial disaster on my part did not permit me to get it. So I got the tamron 17-50 mm F2.8. It is a good lens, but not a DX, it is actually for a FX lens. It takes awesome sharp images but not as good as a nikkor lens, My guess is, Nikon do not want the 3rd parties to look as good as NIKKOR. then, one day I am browsing for my Buddy and found out the 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 NIKKOR. I think by far, this is one of the best lenses NIKKOR made for poor people like me. the sharpness of this lens is mind blowing, even though I am struck by DX crop factor, I am very happy with this lens. in the process of getting this lens, I got rid of 18-55, 55-200 and 70-300.

I do like to take a lot of macro shots. I think I have borderline personality disorder as I run around the extreme opposites, I like macro and landscape. So, My future plan is to get the 100mm macro lens next and by the looks of my schedule and financial status, its not happening any time soon. I also want to buy a D300 as well but after several reviews, I changed my mind and bought a D7000 and waiting to see if I can make some good use of that body.

So, the equipments I carry now are the following:
Nikon D7000
Nikon D5000
NIKKOR 10.5mm F2.8 fish-eye
NIKKOR 28-300 mm F3.5-5.6
Tamron 17-50mm F2.8
Remote release
Tiffen UV filters for the NIKKOR and Tamron
Vivitar tripod

Also recently got a Canon 60D with 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 for my wife, I would take a shot or two sometimes with this camera, so I listed this one as well :)

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