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    Persia Bravin says:

    "I first got to know Sabbian when, after a few months of shamelessly stalking him and his amazing work on Flickr, I plucked up the courage to send him a Flickr mail inviting him to be part of an article on emerging SL creative talent for BOSL Magazine.

    It’s hard to predict how someone will react to such requests, but Sabbian responded with such charm, such perfect manners and in total disbelief that anyone would consider either him or his work worthy of publication-this says almost everything you need to know about this incredibly talented and down to earth man.

    Because, despite his obvious gift for SL photography, his unique style of art and his relentless drive for perfectionism, Sabbian is probably the very last person in SL to recognise just how talented he is.

    Combine his genuine humility with a deep compassion for others, strong loyalty towards his friends and family in SL, plus his ability to make you laugh until you can’t breathe anymore…and you know you have a very special person in the shape of this amazingly gifted man.

    I managed to recruit him to be my ‘war photographer’ in the pixel trenches of frontline SL reporting, and together, we had many adventures exploring new builds, photographing some surreal situations and some intriguing people: all accompanied by his insane humour, his massive knowledge of obscure indie music, and also his vast expertise in the history of specialist USA beers.

    Sabbian Paine is ultimately one of the most gentle, talented and humorous people I have had the pleasure to know through SL, and even though I call him the ‘Diva Vampire,’ deep down, I thank the LL gods for having met him. He’s proven to be not only an amazing colleague, but as a friend, has patiently listened to me offload on his virtual shoulders on a variety of woes.

    Thanks Sabbicat for being the person you are-don’t ever change.

    Love Persia xxx"

    April 28th, 2012

Sabbian Paine
March 2009
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