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Howdy all! I'm Ryan, and you've stumbled upon my vast personal collection of retail photography (hence the name RetailByRyan95, formerly over-confident Ryanrules95).

Who am I? A Hampton Roads Virginia native and just a big ol’ dork who happens to be super into commercial architecture and such. Oh, and I like cartoons and funny movies and rap/r&b music but that doesn’t matter much on here. But yeah, retail alone is just another interest and side project. Wanna hear my boring story? Read on…

I’ve been a part of the photography game since June 2007, when my younger self used my mom’s brand newish digital camera to take some random store pictures while riding on the highway. It was for shits and giggles at first (they were godawful looking too) until I kept on doing it until it became habit.

After a few months of lurking Flickr, I joined on September 8th, 2007 because it was the day I first had Internet at home and I’d seen other users post retail photos. I mean, really, people take this weird stuff seriously? Who knew? I kept on posting and posting new pictures and became a part of the retail community on here. Gradually, the photos I presented became a lot better and I’m now in a comfortable place with them.

Needless to say, my photostream is probably the best source on the web if you’re interested in the history of businesses in Hampton Roads alone. I take all the photos myself (unless credited to another website) and do extensive research on buildings from various sources (newspapers, phone books, etc.) as well as my general knowledge of retail. However, all that info I put in the description isn’t 100% accurate since I’m human too (as far as you know).

What I have is a never-ending project since businesses come and go like crazy. Plus there’s a helluva lot of places I need to go to re-take some of the really lousy pics I currently have, so I have a full plate. It’s a lot of fun to go around and get the best shots I can, at some costs. Needless to say, some people don’t like what I do, and I have gotten in serious trouble before, but my passion keeps me going. So uh, just stay tuned to when I put some new pics up and enjoy what is before you now!

PLEASE NOTE: The photos on this photostream are NOT meant to advertise the pictured businesses. They are for the sole purpose of retail history and development documentation, and are not intended for commercial use. They are also NOT intended to demonstrate how a store runs or the quality of that store. The sole purpose of this photostream is to document the business life of the 2000s and 2010s, to observe how stores were set-up and decorated at the time, and for future usage on the subject matter. So if you own one of these places, don’t come yapping to me just because I took some photos. That’s your own problem.

CONTACT INFO: If you want me to visit a local location, or happen to like a photo of mine enough to actually use it in your own presentation(s), shoot me a message here on Flickr, or email me at ryanrules95@yahoo.com where I’ll be happy to oblige. Compensation is optional, of course. Just don’t steal ‘em. Good day.

©RetailByRyan95 ^_^

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    Retail Memories says:

    "Ryanrules95 is pretty young to have this fascination with retail conversions, but once he caught the "disease," he caught it bad! He's just as hooked as the rest of us.

    And he is not afraid to simply ask the proprietor if he can take some pics, where the more timid would hold back.

    His photoset of the Burger King (about a 1982 model) converted to a mirror and glass shop, are legendary."

    July 30th, 2009

September 2007
Hampton Roads, VA
Hampton Roads, VA, United States of America
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