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Welcome to my Flickr photostream, my name is Ryan, or RetailByRyan95 (formerly Ryanrules95, which will still be used sometimes).

I reside in an area known as Hampton Roads, Virginia (exact location won't be revealed). I had always been fascinated by retail architecture and other architecture; it led me to start randomly doing (awful, awful, awful) retail photography in June 2007, and it became a habit. Most of these photos are replaced by somewhat better versions.

I joined Flickr after random searching on September 8, 2007, thinking no one would dare look at a retarded page of stores and their designs. I was proved wrong when people like you began to view and review my photos. I then figured out I was not the only one who did this thing. If you would like to add me as a contact, just send me a request, I'll make you a friend!

Also, any recommendations for locations in Hampton Roads to take photos of are always welcome. Just IM me on Flickrmail and I'll be sure to respond.

(UPDATE: September 2011) For those who have been wondering why I've done progressively less and less photos over the years, its because my interest in retail has gradually died down. I've developed other interests, and I honestly don't care to do any more retail photos. Sorry, that's just the way it is. But thank you to all of those who supported and continue to support my fad. My photos will stay up though. God Bless you all.

(UPDATE: May 2012) It's been a while, but I'm starting to reconsider taking these types of photos again. Now that it's summer, I just might re-update my pro account and begin to take more retail photos. Now, this is going to be more difficult now than ever, as I've grown up and I'm not an innocent young teen anymore like when I started. So likely, interior photos are out, but I'll probably take more exterior photos from different angles. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks!

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Are you a NowPublic reporter? If so, leave me alone, or you'll be blocked. I'm not going to be mean but I prefer to keep my photos limited to here.

If you would like to use a photo on my photostream for documentation or other related things, just shoot me an email at ryanrules95@yahoo.com, or send me a FlickrMail message, but please tell me that you're from Flickr if you're a member, I'll delete the message if stated else wise. Please don't steal my photos without permission. You will be reported.

©RetailByRyan95. All photos on this photostream are copyrighted and taken by me using three Nikon Coolpix cameras or the camera of a Verizon cellphone. If a photo is taken from another website, the website is credited and linked (such as from city database sites, realtors, archived company pages etc).

PLEASE NOTE: The photos on this photostream are NOT meant to advertise the pictured businesses. They are for the sole purpose of retail history and development documentation, and are not intended for commercial use. They are also NOT intended to demonstrate how a store runs or the quality of that store. The sole purpose of this photostream is to document the business life of the 2000s and 2010s, to observe how stores were set-up and decorated at the time, and for future usage on the subject matter.

ALSO NOTICE: All information in this photostream is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Most of it, however, is the result of hours upon hours of research on the building(s), or my general knowledge of retail. Just don't believe everything you read because I'm only human and I make mistakes.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the Hampton Roads area, here are a few small summaries of some of the areas I've covered commonly: Hampton, Newport News, York County, Poquoson Gloucester County, and Williamsburg:

*City of Hampton: Hampton is a city and is what Hampton Roads is named after. Everything in Hampton is listed as Hampton on this photostream and not by the area. However, it is divided up somewhat but not "officially". Small neighborhoods include Aberdeen, Phoebus, Langley Riverdale, Buckroe, Kecoughtan, Big Bethel, etc.

The main stretch of highway in Hampton is called "Mercury Blvd", running East and West. Most of the developed retail is on the west side of this highway formerly known as "Military Highway" to transport people enrolled in the military. This highway also runs into Newport News. Interstate 64 runs through some of Hampton. Other roads include the Hampton Roads Center Parkway, Big Bethel Rd, Pembroke Ave, Armistead Ave, Coliseum Dr, and Fox Hill Rd.

*City of Newport News, named for Christopher Newport, is another city, which technically is more developed than Hampton. Its neighborhoods include Denbigh, Oyster Point, Hidenwood, Newmarket, Kiln Creek, Port Warwick, East End, and Lee Hall, though I never list them as such, and label them each as Newport News.

A major highway in Newport News is Jefferson Ave. The Oyster Point part of this highway hosts as a large retail area with several major shopping centers and Patrick Henry Mall. Nearby is Kiln Creek, a beautiful neighborhood which hosts several community events with nice housing. Another major road is Warwick Blvd, named after Newport News's original name. Other roads include the Hampton Roads Center Parkway, W Mercury Blvd (small patch of Newmarket area) which becomes the James River Bridge, Oyster Point Rd/Victory Blvd, Denbigh Blvd, J Clyde Morris Blvd, and Harpersville Rd.

*York County, or Yorktown is a famous Civil War county which has several independently labeled neighborhoods each with some retail. Its main neighborhoods, described below and covered throughout my photostream, are Grafton and Tabb.

The main highway here is George Washington Memorial Highway, or Route 17, which hosts several businesses and eventually becomes J Clyde. The Coleman Bridge is also located on the highway connecting to Gloucester. Another road is Hampton Highway near the Hampton/Poquoson border.

**Grafton is a small part of York County in the center. It starts near the Denbigh Blvd/Wolf Trap Rd intersection and ends at the ramp to Victory Blvd. The area is made up of a few good shopping centers and they have several retail recycles. Geo Wash Mem Hwy is the main rd again.

**Tabb is another small area in York with Victory Blvd and some of Geo Wash Mem Hwy. On Victory Blvd right next to the Newport News border is Super Kmart-anchored Village Square shopping center, which is one of the most profitable shopping complexes in the US. A Walmart Supercenter is also nearby.

*City of Poquoson is a slightly hidden small watermen city who's first retail business was 7-Eleven in 1970. Victory Blvd starts here from Little Flordia Rd with a KenTaco Hut, and along with other neighborhoods is Wythe Creek Rd, which houses the other retail and borders into Hampton. Poquoson was formerly a part of York County, but became independent in the 1950s.

*Gloucester County is a very large county that was originally going to be the capital of Virginia. Richmond ended up being the choice, so this town is not as developed as it would have been. Due to the large size, the county is split up into different districts, mainly Gloucester Point, Guinea, Hayes, Ordinary, White Marsh, and the courthouse. George Washington Memorial Highway, aka Route 17, stretches all throughout the county.

**Gloucester Courthouse is the largest business district. Here you will find the county's Walmart and other smaller stores and restaurants. Smaller businesses are also located on Main Street.

**Hayes is a smaller area, but is second largest retail-wise. Three important shopping centers found here are York River Crossing, Hayes Shopping Center, and Hayes Plaza.

**Ordinary has a 7-Eleven and had a Western Sizzlin but thats about it for retail. Several abandoned houses are seen along the highway.

**White Marsh also has a 7-Eleven and the only Wawa in Gloucester. The main shopping center here is White Marsh Shopping Center. No national stores are found here, though they once had a Farm Fresh.

**Gloucester Point is right at the tip beside Yorktown. It houses a Pizza Hut and a scant amount of other famous retailers.

*City of Williamsburg is notoriously historical, and this beautiful city enforces this fact. Most buildings are to stick to a code that matches the other buildings in structure and appearance. The effect of this is you see common businesses but colored and constructed abnormally. I like it. The main business district is along Richmond Road.

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    Retail Memories says:

    "Ryanrules95 is pretty young to have this fascination with retail conversions, but once he caught the "disease," he caught it bad! He's just as hooked as the rest of us.

    And he is not afraid to simply ask the proprietor if he can take some pics, where the more timid would hold back.

    His photoset of the Burger King (about a 1982 model) converted to a mirror and glass shop, are legendary."

    30th July, 2009

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