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Geeky girl with a passion for all things tech, holistic health, wellness, & fitness.

  • JoinedMarch 2005
  • OccupationMarketing
  • HometownChicago
  • Current cityGreensboro
  • CountryUnited States
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Jen's comments about herself are great, I just don't know all that she is talking about. She multi-tasks so much. She is not only very beautiful, but also very intelligent/smart. I love her very much too!

April 12, 2007
cmbakane says:

"Jen is my favorite gal... and the best girlfriend ever. Five adjectives to describe mi bella... beautiful, healthy, fun, funny, and intelligent. I love her with all my heart. xoxo Jen"

August 30, 2006

Jenn rocks! It's rare to find someone into music and technology (ScreenSavers, TWIT, DIGG, etc.), all rolled into one but here you go. It's great to know someone on the other side of the US who has similar interests. Definitely a pleasure. : Oracio

August 7, 2005