Youngish adult, mixed ethnicity, queer and host to a variety of anxiety and mood disorders.

I'm an amateur photographer, musician and programmer making the most of a student's shoestring budget to do what I love.

My flickr photographs are usually of things I find pretty, places I've been with a camera in hand. I love candid street photography, but am too shy/paranoid to be much good at it. People are my passion and human photography more challenging and interesting to me than any other. So many individual stories to capture!

What few more personal or thematic pictures I've put up are generally an exploration of mental health, especially chronicling my journey with self-harm, or just reflect my experience growing up as a queer, mentally ill, gender-non-conforming young person of color in a straight, white, male, neurotypical world.

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Kiran Foster
April 2011
no fixed abode, New Zealand
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