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When I was young at the end of the sixties, I studied painting. I finished, and I didn't want to push my work on the art market. I became teacher for children in need of special care and maladjusted youths. For years and years I didn't have the time to work in the atelier, and one day, when my first daughter was born, I bought a SLR (a Minolta, later a Canon A1). From that day on my life changed, because I recommenced using my eyes like I had done it years before.

In 1999 I bought a Casio 4000 digital Camera, and I began to "photoshop" - a next step to retrieve that kind of composition I loved, when I painted.

Today I'm working with a Sony R1, the best Camera I ever owned for my concerns. I'm dabbling in HDR, Tonemapping and other ways of conditioning.

When I have the time for it, I'm trying to learn from other photographers, searching for good pictures in Flickr. There I find so many mind-blowing pictures, that I forget very often to go to bed early enough. Thanks to you all!!

For me, my family and many friends Flickr is also a platform for our communication.

Normally I don't show pictures of my family and other close persons to the public in order to keep their privacy. So you can't see many pictures, unless you become a friend.

Please comment to my pictures. I want to learn more. Perhaps there begins a contact.

Please, excuse my English (in french language perhaps I could express myself better)! I hope, that I am understandible here and in my comments.

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Rüdis Fotos - View my favorites on Flickriver

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Rüdiger Reichle
March 2006
Tübingen - Germany
Hamburg and Dortmund, Germany
I am:
Male and Taken
special education teacher, headteacher, Waldorf Education, working in a psychiatric hospital