I've been diving for about 8 years now - if you forget the fact I originally got scuba certified by the YMCA just after high school, but in typical starving college student fashion never got to dive. Fortunately I eventually ended up with a wife who likes water too, and we got certified together in 2004.

Got bit by the photography bug handling my dad's Olympus E-500; my past attempts back in the dawn of time (mid-80s) with an old tank of a Mamaya-Sekor film SLR never amounted to anything, but this new world of DSLR vs. plain old party snaps from a cheap handheld was kind of interesting to the geeky side of me. So I took the plunge with an Olympus E-330 and shortly thereafter the housing, ports, additional lenses, and some used strobes followed, while I practiced with a cheap old Canon PnS in the OEM housing for at least one trip.

Since then I upgraded the E330 to an E30, then jumped the Olympus ship for Sony and currently shoot an SLT-A55 (above and under water) and a new SLT-A99 (above water only....SO FAR).

My primary interest is in underwater photography, but being well away from the gulf coast in TX with an 8-5 job, I fall in the category of a 'vacation diver' - if I can get 20 dives with photo opportunities a year, I'll consider it a good one (2011's count was only 12, but 2012 will be hard to top with 3 weeks in Dominica).

So I am strictly a beginner at underwater photography - and photography in general for that matter. As a result my enthusiasm no doubt has me meddling where my skill level doesn't yet belong. But hopefully everyone else was 'new' sometime, and either remembers enough to not take offense, or (if still currently on that path) might benefit from my own inane flailings.

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  • Sperm Whales by Izzysan
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  • Middleham  Falls by Izzysan
  • Scuba Diving Dominica by Izzysan
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  • Scotts Head Drop by Izzysan
  • Yellow Faced Pike Blenny by Izzysan

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