I'm a Visual Facilitator, also known as a Graphic Facilitator.

Imagine a workshop or seminar. Sitting in the corner is an artist with an easel. That artist is visually interpreting the ideas that are flying around the room. That artist is me.

I work on my Rectron-sponsored Asus R1E tablet pc, painting primarily in ArtRage Studio Pro 3, with a video projector hooked up to my machine so that people can see what I'm painting.

At the end of the session, everyone gets to take home the pictures I've made.

Here's a link to my Flickr set showing some of my work: Visual Facilitation.

I'm happy to work anywhere in the world, with the proviso that I have fair notice to sort out visas where necessary.

Please head for royblumenthal.com/portfolio for my fees.

Coffee-Shops and Me

I'm a coffee-shop schmuck, and I spend much of my time sketching people in coffee-shops. I'm somewhat of a leftie (probably more of a left libertarian than anything) and a sometime activist.

My Motto

I live my art in prosperity and abundance.

Technical Details

All of the earlier drawings are done directly onto an iPAQ 2210 palmtop computer, running a licensed version of Mobile Atelier drawing software. These pics are NOT suitable for artprints, except small, cos their resolution is only 320 x 240 pixels. I'm VERY happy to print them out as postcards for you. Lemme know, and I'll do it.

The later, more detailed, higher-resolution drawings are done on my Toshiba Tecra M4 or Asus R1E tablet pc, running ArtRage 2.5, Alias Sketchbook Pro 2.0, Corel Painter 9.5, and Photoshop CS2 and CS3. Almost every painting I make now is done in ArtRage.

(Sandi asked me if I get paid for mentioning ArtRage and Toshiba. The answer is a resounding no. I get nothing from those companies. No favours. No freebies. No money. No nothing. I just love what their tech does for me. I *DO* have a sponsorship deal with Rectron for the Asus R1E.)

I generally draw the line work on the top layer first, and then I colour on the layer below that. Each painting takes between 60 and 240 minutes to make, the colouring taking most of the time.

Creative Commons -- Attribution, Share-Alike

I'm a great believer in the open source movement. That's why I release all of my artworks under a Creative Commons 'attribution, share-alike' license.

(It's also why I buy music from magnatune.com/.)

My license means that you're free to use my work as you see fit, as long as I'm credited, and you distribute your work under the same license.

Swaps of Prints

I love doing swaps with other photographers and artists around the world. If there's a pic of mine you like, and I like one of yours, let's swap. Here's the deal... I give you a signed print, you give me a signed print. That way we both win.

Here's my postal address...

Roy Blumenthal
PO Box 532
Auckland Park
South Africa

My Blog

I've moved my blog to royblumenthal.com. I mostly deal with issues pertinent to my Visual Facilitation practice.

My Stuff on Zazzle

I'm now selling my artworks on various items at Zazzle. They're an official Flickr associate, so give it a try!

My Prickie.com Button Shop

I have a button shop-front on Prickie.com. I supply the designs, they print, manufacture, and ship the buttons. I get an incredible US75c per button sold!! So make me rich! Go and buy my buttons.

Please note that one of my absolute aims is to offend people. So if you're NOT offended by my lapel badges, please let me know what I'm doing wrong!!!

Here's the address of my shop-front: .

Where to Find Me

Twitter: royblumenthal
Facebook: Roy Blumenthal
Skype: royblumenthal
Shared Google Reader Links: schmucknews
Cellphone: +27 74 104 6386. (That '+27' is the country code. Pop that number into your cellphone as it stands, and it should get to me.)
Email: roy@royblumenthal.com

My Flickrstream hit 25 000 views in the first week of December 2006! Yay!
And it's just hit 30 000 views in the last week of January 2007! Thanks for looking at my pics!
Just gone to 40 000 views of my pics on Sunday 19 August 2007.
50 000 views of my pics -- Wednesday 6 August 2008. Note the slowdown? That's cos Flickr doesn't include drawings in any public searches.
60 000 views of my pics -- Tuesday 11 August 2009.
70 000 views -- Tuesday 28 December 2010.

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    greetingsearthlings says:

    "Roy's art speaks to our aspirations and inhibitions both, to our limits and possibilities. His visual facilitation and training resource paintings have inspired me with their frank summaries of what matters, and what might matter soon. The colours jump at me, delight me, and the composition moves my eyes as though the images are alive and active. Everything that Roy paints or draws seems like a moment in time captured for prosperity. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share those moments, and look forward to many more to come!

    Mike Poole"

    June 1st, 2008

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    artphoto2005 says:

    "I like Roy's work ..... a visual treat"

    January 24th, 2008

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    fionalongart says:

    "Roy is a fantastic artist who is evangelical about ArtRage. The way he creates images on a computer that look just like paintings is astonishing! He has a lot of time for the Flickr community and is always on hand with technical advice, constructive critisism and encouraging comments. His artwork is a sensation. His use of colour and the feelings that he evokes with his work is phenomenal!"

    July 27th, 2006

  • view profile

    tia_denise says:

    "Roy is so great I love looking at his work and the way he transforms images into his own artwork. His work is fun, clever, quirky and honest!"

    July 8th, 2006

Roy Blumenthal
April 2005
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Visual Facilitator & Artist-at-Large
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