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I specialise in travel, adventure travel, landscape and wildlife photography. Selected images can be licensed or purchased at


In my photostream, if a photo has been taken by someone else but with my camera I will say so i.e. Photo: Raphael Gigon. Occasionally I will post photos taken by somebody else with their camera if they send me the image, in which case I will credit it like this: Photo provided by Ahmed Mudassir Khan. All other photos are taken by me.


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To have the gift of natural eye for photography is one thing. To have this ability coupled with the life that takes you to these beautiful places is a blessing to your friends and contacts. thanks for bringing the beauty you see to us. csm242000

August 20, 2009

You are the most outstanding photographer of artistic natural beauty in the world. We can see and feel your passion and love for the subject. The beauty you capture with your camera is very nicely done and I love to look at your pictures.

December 31, 2008

Awesome pictures, awesome places!

July 10, 2007