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Miguel Da silva, born in Portugal in 1985. Since little child, I grew up in Andorra, the Pyrenean Mountains capital, in the little country of Andorra.


I started with 15 years with an analog camera Praktica inherited from my father. But it was not until I bought my first SLR, which emerged this passion for photography.

Gradually, eminently autodidact I was starting on the basics of photography and digital processing.


I worked in the banking industry for years, taking advantage of free time to devote to photograph everything around me.

Thus managing to do exhibitions and won several awards in Andorra and Spain. I have also worked with Arnau Dubois, wedding photographer among others.


I decided to become a Destination Freelance Photographer around 2013, and now based in Andorra and Barcelona.


I'm specialized in portraiture, weddings, landscape and lifestyle/subcultures as Cafe Racer bikes, barbershops and incredible and rare car passionate.

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  • JoinedJune 2010
  • OccupationDestination Freelance Photographer
  • HometownViana do Castelo
  • Current cityAndorra la vella
  • CountryAndorra
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