Ross Blankenship ( was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Texarkana, Texas. After growing up in the South, Ross Blankenship was accepted and attended Northfield Mt. Hermon School (NMH School), Cornell University (Cornell), and Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U Law). At each educational road stop, Ross Blankenship was active on-campus as a leader, and off-campus building and creating companies as an entrepreneur. Learn more about Ross Blankenship at
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Ross Blankenship has been the brains behind both online software and e-Commerce, and offline retail and product development.

According to Ross Blankenship, "The Blankenship valuation method is built on five main principles: People, Product, Process, Traction and Financials. Learn these and your startup can soar."

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Ross Blankenship
February 2019
United States
Ross Blankenship: Startup Expert