I have been interested in photography since purchasing my first Poloraid Swinger Camera in the mid 60's followed by a 35mm rangefinder camera in 1968. My first SLR was a Topcon UNI and in 1970 I switched from colour prints to both slide and B/W photography. When my children were small I spent many a late night in my darkroom, but as the family grew darkroom time became less frequent and eventually, I found myself resorting to just taking family photographs.


When I retired in 2007 I decided to once again take up the hobby. I joined the Comox Valley Photographic Society and met a number of people who shared my interests. In subsequent years, I have served the membership in a number of roles including Field Trips Coordinator and Director on the Societies board.


While I prefer land and seascape photography, I dabble in pretty well everything from classic cars, to old trucks, wildlife, architecture, concert and studio photography.


A number of my photographs have appeared in local publications including newspapers, magazines, tourism promotions, calendars and two images of my famous Red Truck grace the cover of Singer Babe Gurr’s Chocolate Lily Album.


Recent successes have included the National Geographic Magazine (Spanish Edition), four large murals at the new Comox Valley Hospital and two images in 2018 Comox Valley Land Trust Calendar.


Why Roshine Photography? The name Roshine was chosen in memory of my mother in law's grandfather Dr. William Smyth of Roshine Lodge, Donegal, Ireland. Dr. Smyth was a country doctor who in 1903 tragically died saving others during a Typhus epidemic on Arranmore Island located just across the channel from the fishing town of Burtonport.


Dr. Smyth set an example for people of different faiths and political beliefs demonstrating that people can work together for the betterment of their community and create conditions for a better life for their children and their children's children. For more information on ' A Hero of Donegal' click on the following link:




I use Pentax equipment, starting with a Pentax K10D, followed by a Pentax K5, and a K3II. My recent purchase of a Pentax K1 Mark II has relegated my K3II to be my backup, however I still use it frequently in tandem with the K1.

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